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That for you right now with our next year. See what i believe in her fan says look out for just herbert mahomes. not thinking. says. I'll see it when i believe it meaning. I'll believe it. When i see it but i love the moments when mahomes doesn't have time to prep because you could see that competitiveness and he smiled after and you can understand okay. You we all know what he was saying. I'll see when. I believe. I believe it when i see it. Homes has been hearing some of the chatter about herber. Sure and now. I know it's a small moment. But this to me even makes mahomes herbert the to match ups that will get slightly more enticing and in a sense because you know that he knows that this kid is very good out there in la. And it's going to be an interesting contest and we're fortunate. I think in watching the afc west getting a cover that we get this think twice year. Yeah and i think it's also the the unguarded moment is cool right. Get that with patrick very much. Because he is so good at handling interviews. You know seeing this happen as a small child obviously had a great impression on him and he does such a spectacular job of answering questions without giving things away without. You know throwing people under the bus without saying the wrong thing. He's so good at it. And so those unguarded moments where he's not prepared to answer that kind of a question and let his competitiveness show through. I think you've got that exactly right. That that's his competitiveness showing through an unguarded moment. It's it's terrific fun. But i can say as an older guy myself. People expect this from me to put the the phrase backwards but I'm not sure that they really expect that. From patrick at this. What yeah. I just think it was somewhere where he just was trying to fire back really quickly. Got a little stop but we listen. We liked the competitive necessary. And i think it does it really indeed may chiefs chargers match up a little bit more interesting. You justin herbert. I'm a big fan of him from afar. And i think he's the same way press conference really does say the right thing a really good young kid and these two typically will just let their. They're talking a happened on the field. Mahomes i love the on the field competitive moms because that's when you'll start to get the counting on the fingers and the flag saying and the white hot and so hope to see some of that when we get when we do get chiefs and chargers and i think for the first time and i'll say it again and i'm not afraid to hear i finally think charges are legitimate. I think you'll get the media thing and we'll of course tweet from arrowhead pride a tradition like no other The chargers getting crowded. But i actually think there'll be a playoff team this year. I don't think the when the afc west. But i think the chargers will indeed be a playoff team. That's and early prediction for you Another thing we have to touch upon this their last news item. John laurent tardiff. What an honor. For him to be a kansas city chief he was named the espy's sports humanitarian of the year for opting out becoming the first nfl player to opt out of the twenty twenty season and that was not because of any fear of corona virus. Quite the opposite. He was willing to put himself at risk to go to. Montreal uses medical doctor degree on the front lines against corona virus and properly awarded by espn at their annual espy awards. Which happened on saturday saturday. Yeah this is terrific. I i love this guy i really do. I mean he's he's a great story. He's been a great story from the beginning playing and canada. You know it's not quite like playing in the nc double a. in terms of Being well known among nfl circles coming in as a sixth round pick Eventually working his way into the starting lineup developing into a solid player and then at the same time becoming a doctor in his spare time. I mean who does that. Suddenly i feel like i'm in one of those commercials for those car warranty things who does that. Now yeah i. It's a credible. I mean the fact that i had the opportunity when i was still achieves dot com to go cover this guy and we spoke to one of his mentors one of his teachers along the way and then one of the the items that stuck out and i believe we made it the final comment of special we did. I think it's still available on youtube. It's called a tale of two passions. But the thing they said that stuck out is laura is gonna play in the nfl and we'll see how much longer he goes. No not at ease aged and we're probably looking at him as a backup. Who knows where this goes. But he's going to be end up being an ex ear. Dr meaning like a twenty year doctor or twenty five year dr whereas okay. Maybe he had seven to ten years of the nfl. But he'll be more. So known for saving lives dr dube cardiff and i thought that was fascinating in a in a sense because man. There's so much respect. I think we have in america for both football players and for doctors and what they do and for this guy to have lived both lives in one and just i think the tone and the manner in which he speaks about and the reverend c has for really both opportunities. It's just it's an incredible player to watch and a person to watch multi-language speaker really he's for the greater good and again just an honor to have in kansas city. And we're hoping and and we think he'll be on the fifty three man roster remains to be seen what his role is for the twenty twenty one season. basically he's dot graham from field of dreams. It would have been a tragedy if i'd only been a doctor for for one game right now. He recognized at the end of his life that that he got to spend most of his life doing something that really helped people instead of just entertaining people and not to say that. There's anything wrong with entertaining people. I think i think there's a lot to be said for that. It's a it's a thing that makes all of us. More healthy truth be told not quite in the same way that a doctor does so. Yeah he's dot graham and And everybody who sees. That movie loves that character. That's how we should feel about. Dr larry are arrowhead. Pride editor. show message. Just take off the super bowl ring before you start the surgical procedure. I don't wanna leave that in saudi coming up next. I have an uncle who is a surge in a us to tell jokes about that about you. Know leaving the issues coming up next on. The era had pride editor show an update on corona virus index nations in the nfl. And we'll get.

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