Andy Field, ABC, FBI discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


A few minutes. Lawmakers in Washington expected to hold an initial vote on supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh the nominee also released an op-ed explaining his emotional behavior. During last week's hearing ABC's Andy Field is on Capitol Hill this morning, and he joins us live right now. Good morning, Andy. Good morning real cliff-hanger today. We're not even certain that. This will get passed. The cloture vote and. Cloture is just a fancy way of saying we're going to end debate and set a time for the actual vote that happens at ten thirty eastern time, but an hour and fifteen minutes from right now, let me ask you Andy the FBI investigation yet. Oh naturally. Republicans say very thorough. Democrats calling it incomplete. And he is the FBI just been a political tool here. Well, the FBI did exactly what they were told to do. And we're not certain whether the it was the White House or the Republican committee that said, these are the only people you can interview. But that's what they did. They were simply the employees of whoever told them who to interview they couldn't go beyond that scope, if they were told don't go beyond that scope, so it terms of what the FBI did even the Democrats are saying, we don't blame the FBI here. We blame the people who told them what to do. And I'm a little curious about the today from Brett cabin. I'm I'm not sure I'm not sure it really helps his cost because at least my impression of it is is he's not not that he needs to. To apologize to me, necessarily anyone. But he doesn't seem to be very contrite. And so I'm not sure of of what the benefit of that him doing. That is I'm not sure why he did it either. It it is unprecedented. I don't think in the nation's history there's ever been a supreme court Justice who put out an op-ed that was basically a sales pitch for his job after the the hearings extensive hearings that just one set, but to so this is an extraordinary moment here. And of course, he didn't go to the New York Times. He didn't go to ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC he went to another Rupert Murdoch owned property. The Wall Street Journal just as he did before the confirmation hearings when he spoke to Fox News, and you know, the publicans had said a week ago. Hey, we got our mind made up and then they did the investigation. And now it looks like it's pretty much the same. Nothing's changed. Well, at least that's what the Republicans are saying that they don't have any cooperating evidence that this happened both Christine Blasi. Ford and Ramirez Ramirez who claims claims sexual assault back thirty some odd years ago. So there are other witnesses, and you guys didn't interview them. This is this is a very tough case to prove. But there are other issues that Democrats are saying that have nothing to do with these sex assault charges, including his performance in defending himself. That are trouble seven. They say this is not someone who should be sitting on the supreme court. Andy a full vote scheduled for tomorrow still. Well, we don't know because there is a a Senator Republican who is a yes vote who they may actually need who's said I'm going to my daughter's wedding tomorrow, sorry, guys. And if they still need his vote if it's that closely may have to delay it until Sunday or Monday, right ABC's, Andy Field and cabinet hill. Thanks so much for all your insight. Thank you. Newsradio time is seven.

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