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What's this thing about you talk about the squeezing because that's a software feature that's added right is my favorite thing ever squeezing in michael fisher mr mobile and i ravin some good fun about this during a google lyle but is so this is kind of an interesting thing that i likened to modo's gestures were you know you do the the twists for the camera and the chopper the flashlight and blackberry just having a a programmable convenience key on the side you just instead of having a key or a twist you just squeezed the sides of the phone and i i liked it is far is just long been able to launch the camera and then launched google assistant which i then change screen shot for a for a longer squeeze but it's not like this huge change to the way use your phone it's it's no different than you know it's just another thing that you learn that this phone does and yes work it works but you know are probably three or four different ways you could conveniently launch these features in i think that this is a really good proof of concept and i think you could easily see a world in which htc makes a phone without buttons on it at all and you would have a series of squeezes i think i look at it just like modo with the the g five did this kind of crazy swipe navigation around the on the bottom of the phone that's just something new they're trying out and it doesn't mean that modo's going to just take the navigation buttons off of its phones by default and it doesn't mean that he she sees necessarily gonna do that but i think that this is something that shows that they can do that and.

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