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I'm Joe Garagiola from. It's all political. I'm trying to interview every Democrat running for president but that would take years. That's okay. We have a ton of great stuff to talk about. Listen wherever you get your podcast because it's all political hello and welcome to as plus the San Francisco Cisco Chronicles podcast on the Oakland A.'s and Major League Baseball. I'm your host chronicle as beat writer. Susan's lesser and today we welcome. Ha puck the as rookie left tender. He'll tell us what it's like finally getting to the big leagues and how he's adjusted to life in the bullpen then David Feldman and I talk about a lot of the a new as additions including Hey seuss Lazardo and the as scheduled down the stretch and a potential tie-break scenario in the event of a three way hi for the wild card all of that next on as plus today on his plus. Our guest is a as lefty. Ha puck up in the major leagues for his first time first of all aj how are things in the major leagues what you expected or has anything surprised you so far yeah you know everything's been great experience and I'm happy you're happy for the opportunity. are you is since you're in relief now and you're you're in the bullpen. are you able to work on anything or you. Just kind of trying to get your work in as much as you can because you've got these little more downtime than you're used to yeah you know you definitely every day. You know you know. Expose your sense. my Tommy John Surgery. I try be as focuses. I can be during catch and work on things. You know you know feel mechanics and everything and make sure everything's working right. How much of an adjustment is it being in the bullpen for you. I mean you've been a star your life yeah you know. I mean just you know when you come up the bullpen. GotTa have have your stuff right away. There's no known anything or two if I was starting like if I'm not feeling that day or something I could figure it out. You know just go to the radio right away. That's about the only difference I think how would you describe grabbed the whole process of coming back from Tommy John Surgery. Obviously it's something nobody ever wants to have to go through. You get hurt during spring training of last year but it. It seemed like you came back in a pretty good time like you. The progression you followed was pretty much what was expected. How is it from your viewpoint. yeah you know it's it's definitely a long long road. you know just he's got to keep in mind. you know that the doctor put something in your arm. That's not supposed to be there and and it takes a while for it to get used to and you know. Just take it slow and there's worry about your gauzy. Rehab at the time. It must've is to bend did did you. How how long did it take before you realized something was wrong was there was something where you felt it right away or we tried to pitch through something that Spring yeah yeah I know something happened gradually over time and you know just kind of like a little discomfort here some days it'd be are then other days. It'd be God knew something was up and just kind of tried holding onto for as long as I could until I thought about just what I could pitch a whole season like this so that's why I spoke says how when you started throwing again. Could you tell right away the difference once you once you were healed that you were back to full strength and kind of that discomfort was completely gone yeah that's probably took a little while since after can start talking about six months and even even their workout you know the little pains and just get used to and destruction and having to get used to your body thrown own again but I started feeling really good about probably say I don't even know let me I finished a couple times. After hitters you know you throw and then be Kinda sore and then but I always had recovered pretty well and UH fourteen months fifteen months is when I was like all right this is I'm sorry feel back to normal a little more free and easy than it happened before the surgery and aw that's great now you obviously had drill cotton. Kinda went through the same processes at the same time as as you and plenty of other pitchers of course have had Tommy John Surgery. It's almost common Tom and at this point was it helpful you kind of going through that with. Terrell and you know a few other guys who knew the whole process yeah definitely now we had a great a group of Guys Don Arizona Raspberry Discount Nice having someone go through the same thing with the you know you don't you don't want that to be the case but Stephanie Nice you know aspirin I hate when you're at this point zero film like this and like all right in cal- relax then obviously you wind up on Rehab the Simon and you work your way back in your Las Vegas. How was how are things for you Las Vegas. What was that. What was your how. How would you say your season went considering. You're coming off a pretty major surgery yeah no the thing is every outing that I had coming back was the know something bill off of like I was his high fell during this games with my pitches redoing these make adjustments or trying to feel it out to try to get back to what would would you feel like now you and seuss's Ardo Sean Murphy. You're kind of a core of kind of like the next group of a sort of top prospects to come up kind of you know a little bit like Chapman Olsen Pinter. Those guys were sort of the the group just ahead of you having all three of you here. You know in a few other guys that are you know sort sir around your draft class. What's that like for you. Get kind of like a few. The future is is now or certainly. It's coming kind of feeling. When you see all of you here yeah you know it's it's great having those guys up here especially Murph House within through to them a lot especially my first full season as always mayhem on and then I got to know this other pretty well during the spring training some Israel was Miss School to see all these guys come up here and you know hopefully we can help contribute team a little push and Susan coming up during a playoff push. What's that like because it's not you're not just coming up and you know the team isn't really playing for anything. There's obviously a lot play for yeah. No it's definitely exciting time to be around here. everyone comes ready to play and ready to go out there and get a win in and you know to help us out wildcard and you know it's just exciting and every day's than group is your roommate at one point right. was he a good remain. I'm angry. Are you a good roommate. How did that go no. I think we're both pretty good. She left us together brisk good thanks AJ AJ. Thanks so much for joining us as bundles are thanks again to AJ PUCK for joining us on as plus we will be back in a moment with David Feldman and felonies as follows.

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