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Four ninety five dollars plus you get that free flash drive fifty people and get that today so again calls right now during the show to get that fifty people and get that at nine five two eight one four forty four ten again that's nine five two eight one four forty four ten or does hit pound to fifteen your cell phone and say ot a you know you talked about traveling earlier out and you're right this past over easter i went for a whole week i went on vacation my son to alabama gulf shores road trip we stopped off guess what memphis tennessee because i wanted to go to graceland elvis purchase graceland on march nineteenth nineteen fifty seven he put a thousand dollars cash deposit down how not too bad by that one hundred and two thousand five hundred pretty good deal don't you think he's made out there but you know the one thing i wanna talk about with memphis tennessee this past week obviously the fiftieth anniversary of dr martin luther king junior's assassination april fourth nineteen sixty eight is in memphis and he was there to support the striking sanitation workers on february first nineteen sixty eight to memphis garbage collectors were crushed to death by a malfunctioning truck and he was there guess what for economic equality user for social justice for better wages right better working conditions and al to this day we're certainly we're seeing the same fight out with when it comes to wages we're seeing in a fight for a better life for for for families okay and i think it comes down to guess what financial education the lack of financial education there taught inner schools whether it's k through twelve whether it's to college i think a lot of it has to do is because guess what there's not a lot of financial education being taught is there there really isn't it it's almost nothing that's being taught even in college kids are not learning the proper way to take advantage of of the markets and this is a great time to get through to get the education to do this but if you're going to get education make sure it's the proper education it's taught by somebody who has experience in that particular whatever it is you're you're getting an education and what most people don't realize is that.

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