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Really game there's a reason why i love hungary inge so much syrup look the this story has a unhappy ending but it starts beautifully the okay i am all right the co as i'll tell you the bad at the end of the story minute but they've been they've been putting examinations the include drawing a picture of a person in the rain and shot in inc block test inc blood testing the sky this is a nigeria and he comes over he says based on the fact he's a homosexual he's gonna face persecution in his home country and he filed a request for refugee status in the hungarian city of sped april 2015 at the time hungry we start face a surge of illegal immigrants from africa and the middle east crossing the eu border from serbia in a row shek tested participants perceptions of inc blogs are recorded and then an analyzed for clues about his or her personality characteristics and emotional functioning on the basis of awesome on the basis of the tests the hungarian state appointed psychologist concluded that the nigerian man was not thomas sexual at the his claim was therefore rejected prompting an appeal and of course this does have a miserable ending and i know you can tell what this isn't it the eu's top courts the european union's core of justice has banned hungarian immigration officials for good performing any more of these tests hungarian immigration officials should not have put a nigerian asylumseeker through psychological tests to determine whether he was telling the truth that he was gay the eu's top court ruled on thursday effectively barring the use of sexual orientation testing is invasion invading the most intimate aspects of life the court of justice found the unidentified man from nigeria should not have been pressured into examinations they ruled the performance of such a test amounts to disproportionate interference in the private life of the asylum seeker are you fucking kidding me while this guy's this guy's giving over luhn making up that he's gay so he has a free hung gary in taxpayer funded life i'm wearing their wind be accepting of gays and they're saying you care or we gotta do is just make sure that you really all gay.

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