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But there's also no question he's had a stable organization with which to thrive in as well. So you know, from your perspective, these young guys who have just come into the league you talk about guys moving around. What? What causes a guy to be successful? Is it the surrounding cast? Or is the guy himself Well, I think you said it, Steve. I think I think it's both. I mean, if we just look at 2018 class, you know as an example, Uh, like you, said Josh Allen have had the benefit of going into, uh, stable organization where they were all on him. They built around him and presently have patients And certainly Josh Allen did his part, uh, in improving his game really, really an unprecedented waste. From year two to year. Three. Um, uh, You know, Baker. Mayfield had a much better situation last year, and it seems like he's going to be fine there. But, you know, Mark Jackson has had the similar benefits The Josh Allen did, and maybe even more so given you didn't have to start right away. But, um, you know, it also shows that you know. Uh, Marge Jackson, Patrick Mahomes show that you can win an M V P basically in your second year as a starter, and I kind of think that's why teams are so much more willing to pull the trigger on changes this year because they see that results can be can be very quick. But If you talk about nature versus nurture on the other side of the coin, I mean, the Josh Rosen really have a fair shot in Arizona, given. You know, the new coaching staff that year give what was around him. Probably not. And people up in Buffalo and have seen Sam Darle a few times and, you know, I don't think what happened. The Jets is really any fault of sand. Arnold's I mean, he didn't always play great, but, uh, you know, we've kind of seen what he had around him wasn't much and certainly With the instability organizationally that occurred for his three years there. Uh, you know, he's one guy that I'm really curious to see how how he does with the Panthers this year given he's now surrounded Bye bye. Good talent there by by gifted offensive coordinator we think and Joe Brady. Um, but you know again, he's probably got to show market improvement this year, even though he's really tied them next year, But he's not great this year. Their answers are probably gonna be looking for a quarterback in the draft next year after going with Sam, even though they had the opportunity to draft Justin Fields or Mac Jones is here. So the NFL now today that we're seeing where teams are He's there. They move on from quarterbacks more easily than they did 10 years ago. We were having this conversation Steve and I earlier this week, probably in a break, not on the show, I think, but we were talking about the Hall of Fame and how Hall of Fame quarterbacks. Decent amount of them were on teams for their entire career. Or at least 10 years. Do you think the quarterback movement and how we're seeing quarterbacks jump from team to team more often? Now? Do you think that affects Their Hall of Fame candidacy at all. Or do you think maybe it won't really because it's so common now in today's NFL to see guys float around rather than stay with the team, possibly for 10 years or their entire career? You know, it's an interesting question. I mean, I think I think another fact of life in the NFL. This is pretty much everybody switched teams at some point. I mean, I mean, it's pretty rare to have, uh, you know, saying Eli Manning kind of career where you with one team from from soup to nuts. I mean, you could argue he was drafted by the Chargers, obviously, but I mean, when you see guys like like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady I'm sure many of us all thought, you know, Career Colt career Patriot will ever wear another uniform. You know, when that caliber of player switches teams, I think ultimately it doesn't. Uh, you know, it's not going to hurt their Hall of Fame cases. I mean, obviously, Peyton Manning's already going in Tom Brady. We'll be You know the discussion for him going in, we'll be, you know. Five seconds of that, But I think when you're talking about guys that are going from team to team team, um that kind of probably suggests that caliber player in that he's not Um, you know, finding someone to invest in in for the long term. Um, but But again, I think in this era, you good luck finding many quarterbacks that would stay their entire career that Ben Roethlisberger probably another one. But Yeah. Size that he's got more more left in him after this season and the Steelers don't you know you can see Big Ben plant plant somewhere else, But I think it's just kind of a fact of life of the NFL in this in this era, and one of the things about it is think back and we've We've been down this road of time. Everybody's talked about how Aaron Rodgers came in because he was drafted. In the first round to replace Brett Farve. And then four years later, Three years later, Brett Farr was still taking snaps. And then other times where Joe Montana had Steve Young behind him and And there have been other cases where I'm just what I'm getting to is. It rarely ends well for great quarterbacks. You know, Ben Roethlisberger. I don't know how Willing, He's going to be too gracefully walk away from Pittsburgh, and if he wants to play again play somewhere else or if you'll get bitter about Pittsburgh, not giving him another year if it comes to that, But a lot of quarterbacks Joe Montana went to Kansas City, Johnny United's went to the Chargers. Joe Namath went to the Rams. You go down the list. Um How do you think this is going to all knowing that what happens in Green Bay? This time around with Aaron Rodgers and Jordan love sitting behind him, Does it Does Aaron Rodgers retire for a year and then bounce back with as a true free agent? Uh, yeah. If I had the answer to that, Steve, you know what I have wild people, people calling me and and and then being on shows like this, But, I mean, I certainly think that Aaron Rodgers holds a lot of cards here and then that's another factor of this, too, is I think I think we're in an era where players have more leverage. Certainly players of Aaron Rodgers caliber to call their shot to some degree. Um and you eventually somebody's going to have to give him that situation. Packers keeps saying, but they're they're fully committed to him for this season and beyond. And why wouldn't they be based based on how he played last year and then based on what we're hearing? On Jordan Love kind of being up and down by Matt was for his own admission right right now in OTAs and minicamp. Obviously, it's much lower stress environment than what he would face in a game that being said to Jordan loves never played in the NFL game preseason. Regular season, you know, was inactive all last year and pre season. Of course, uh, last year, I mean, but you know, the transition worked pretty well for Green Bay last time, but you know that that I certainly don't think that they want to make it, you know? This time before they have to. But Aaron Rodgers is a guy who's got plenty of money. He's got plenty of options, you know, with jeopardy and then certainly as an interest and an acting and now fiance. It was In that world and probably could open up other doors for him. Um, and I'm sure he'd like to be closer to the West Coast, starting at some point in his life. Certainly again with shelling Willie being Hollywood actress, but you know, you would think right now. The Chargers, and certainly the Rams look pretty set at quarterback..

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