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NewsRadio wofl ey were in store for a pretty chilly start by Saturday morning. Temperatures will cool off fast this evening under clear skies and Cool northerly breeze continues by Saturday morning temperatures near 62. We will be a bit warmer Saturday afternoon with highs in the mid eighties. We'll see a lot of sunshine, but the lower humidity sticks around. Feeling a bit milder by Sunday with that humidity, returning briefly highs near 86 a cold front, though, passes through Sunday night and cools us back off for the beginning of next week, Um, exit venerate meteorologists demand a holly News radio fella now streaming on your Amazon echo and over 2000 devices by the I Heart radio and moved in the Holden Still a matter in my mind. I stayed another one going drive way when I've seen someone give me the three had one big I too big Stood arrestee. Lana, be free. He did this little writer with South Say you be when Ammon income Cfb morning. Be ragging about this. You know, I'm a no ham ain't gonna run me off a maket Mass to talk to George Noory called the Wild card line at 818501 for 109. The first time caller line is 81850. 147 to 1 to talk tulle free from east of the Rockies. Call 808 to 55033 from west of the Rockies. Toll free call 806 188255 To reach George via Skype Use Skype named George 97313 Send Georgia text message anytime at 8182986521. From the gateway to the West. This is coast to coast Am with George Nora. On a special guest Clean Keith. His book is called Ghosts of Graystone. We're talking.

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