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Note don't say the word. Hey, no. Taste. Kids listening. This is brand new little Uzi Vert. God, I don't know. I know. Downloading most of these kids are like who's little John? And what the hell is east side? Boys was up. We talked all over that record. But it's Monday morning, and we're happy because we're here. Nickelback back tomorrow. It's going to be sixties is December the buzzer over. We can't thank you enough Twenty-one buses full of toys credible. It's simply amazing how you guys every year out do yourself. And when I say you because again, if you don't come out and stuff the bus where does out there in the parking lot hoping to not freeze to death. So thank you to each. And every one of you of union Carney donated you made a difference. If your business or company or church or school came by you guys made a difference. And hopefully, I got around to everyone and thank them. And you know, it's tough because sometimes, you know, there's so many people that come by feel like I wanna make sure I see how to everyone. So if I didn't get a chance to hire actually didn't get a chance for Joe or whoever you get Jhansi high. Or thank you just know, we do appreciate it. And we do our very very best to shake in your hand and taking photos, but thank you to the city of public school bus drivers who without their help. You won't have any BUSTER fills. So we do appreciate and shutouts. You got anything you want to mention Ashley. I I know I got a lot of text messages from like shag and some other people every evening like, oh, so and so wanted to meet you, but you are here this evening. I'm sorry. A lot of booty BUSTER fans. Yeah. We wanted to meet you you need to. I know you like about to pop pregnancy wise, but. You know, you can't let the kids down. Ashley, I go after the show. So I was there for hours, but then you know. Waist Mullane is too. It was too. I see is in Ashley home at least three times last week and get out of here felt bad. But I mean this next year I'll have the little one with me. So yeah. So but thank you to everybody. And now tomorrow nickleby back in the studio and Ashley so we'll have a normal Tuesday morning show for thank you. Everyone who helped make Z one of all of our sponsors thanked all of our sponsors. You wanna four the thirteenth annual stumped? The but stuff the bus very successful..

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