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Performance. For Instance Are Out there in the next day, they will have a couple of writers get with you and. They'll say we're not be flipped metron that didn't talk about inch know Blah Blah Blah I'm like, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and I'm thinking to myself. Up to riders ride my ships. To you. All of it. We worked for about four and a Half Hour A. Trigger Amar Year Okay you when you say this out Yonder Elgin. That'll kill. It come time to go out I wanted. For my shoulders. On How? Thought, that? I sacrificed enough years down what everybody wanted. That, I should be able to stay in five minutes from Fuck Mike opponents saying what I really. Enjoy my grandson up there. Light you romantics so many surgeries It's crazy. To take. Each. Letting out today I'm able to do things. Without. Getting. Angelo. Bottle. For getting a hold of a crack pipe. Her grabbing some girl. Do these things down and handle. The, right way. Life on life terms I got out. For us on. That much. Mud? Drums. GonNa. The veil and everything else on. Them all at once. I understand what you mean. So let me ask you this. When you A. Whole occupation no, it's it's It's a sport it's athletic. It's theater. It's you know it's showmanship and when the wwe wants you to say something at the hall of fame, they scripted script match, right? You're and you come out and you speak from the heart and like it's so emotional I mean it's very powerful How did they respond to it? Well. They were really happy. Here's what I knew. I knew. That states hit something. Longest home run of the. I watched the People's luggage as out there. And In the under how strong it was. So. Vance although he did not get what he wanted to. Right. Off The charts. the people that were under coming to me. Tell me what a great job I did that interview. They turn around their attitude by this because it wasn't what he wanted society. But he's the ultimate control freak. He's the ultimate control. Right, absolutely you know these lobby, the bubble, the bubble will be. You know as a kid when I watched the WWF, I didn't know that he owned it i. didn't know how the ownership work and I was like who is this fucking guy? Like I love Nin gene I loved What was the guy? The gorilla monsoon I love that guy. He was cool. was he a good guy and realize gorilla monsoon? Because she was and Jesse the body was so great. Special News. As a commentator with gorilla monsoon, it was green hundred. Four million. Yeah he's. He's a he's a he's a big time crazy politician and it's so funny that you your journey to see all these things all these people along the way and obviously like with the movie like the Mickey Rourke Movie. The. Wrestler. All of these documentaries that have been coming out the last few years you know the Sheep Andrei your movie it's obvious that drugs and alcohol were at play in sport. Play everywhere bro Yes. Sir That's for sure. Corner Drugstore car somewhere. That's true. It doesn't be cocaine. Marijuana, but they're still driving. The alternate Really. Whether it's Abaco. Or? Go. Jake. Still. Yeah I still live for cupcakes and the drug that I miss. The most is tobacco I mean I smell somebody's smoking and I'm just there you know I haven't smoked in a couple of years but like that's something. Don't hate me Jake. You're fighting it got I had a little kid and and she started to smell it and my wife just kept bugging me about it. You know. And like describing when you're on the road and they call and she just kept bugging me about it and I had I had long issues. You know what I mean like I would just cough and cough and cough and cough. Cough up thick disgusting Mucus and I kept promising I would quit and. And I knew it was the same thing as like an a one is too many thousand never enough. There's never going to be a cigarette doesn't last forever there's no one cigarette there's just not one cigarette. which is what killed me. So I finally like I just drilled the kind of twelve step thing in my head around smoking, and then I bought one of those Shitty blue vapes. And I was like I'm just GonNa fucking hit that I'm not going to buy another pack of cigarettes. then. I hated the blue vape but I didn't buy another pack of cigarettes and that's how I we off of it. I mean I don't know if that's GonNa help you what's going on with you in smoking. Yes same. Fates worse than serous right. Popcorn lung. Or. Jeff Shane state visit are cigarettes looking doing such. Right but. How Progress brother about a half a pack you days so. I think the craziest thing for me is like, I, was a heroin addict. And I was scared of not smoking like I was going to go through withdrawal. You know like I wasn't going to be able to tolerate it. You know and it was bad. But it's nothing like fucking quitting drugs like in terms of physically. Knows knows. Or? Or it's. It's it's all fucking. Hell. What was I going to ask you? So what was the scene like? When you're dealing with professional wrestling and drugs like everywhere. Is it like? Wide Open. We have talked to seven of the builders writing stretch elected we wanted..

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