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Down there but as i say we get these eighty degree weather for some days that we should not be lying before we get with the lake back into the early sixties and so on and the wind does is bring the shoreline temperature down to about with the water temperature is well once the water temperature gets to be sixty three sixty four who cares if it cools down to that but when it's forty eight fifty two fifty three is it's bad had the situation that it's better in i get as i think i've mentioned a couple of times i get a lot of people who email me horse intellect fishing on the lake of the people email the everything and they all said the commercial boat operators are struggling this year people don't want to go out on the cold it's still relatively early we still have all of july and august left but it's been a slow start for almost all of that like yeah well you are right september is very nice time to go on the late because the water still even though the air temperatures cooling off the water now is still warmer so i'd rather go on the lake in september that jodi especially this year i mean you know right well it's probably warmed up a couple of degrees to gave it say friday of last week that lake temperature was no more than ten to twelve degrees warmer that it wasn't january the lakes thirty eight thirty nine along the shoreline and milwaukee january was forty eight or forty nine that's it you sing the titanic sunk in lake michigan or whatever the titanic sake was do you did you see that from the leonardo dicaprio movie or do you know this for a fact you look it up yeah we're you'll look this isn't like jon wyatt feeding you this seventy so when four o'clock news talk i let's give something.

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