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It. Another home dog that I'm just going to have to ignore. And I usually like that pick running back for me. Who do you have this week? Head? Packers minus 3.5 against the ST Seattle minus 2.5 at Indy Panthers at home, minus four against the Jets. Blame writ if I missed their Broncos minus three at New York Giants and the Vikings on the road at Cincy minus three Vikes minus three. Alright, I actually am going exactly the same way with all of your picks. Put them up on Twitter. I will retweet them and let's make back what we lost last night and make some other money on top of that. All right, head. All right, Jim. I'll do. Yeah, thanks. Good job head. I posed the question when we did big head bets a couple weeks back. We jammed so much in it felt like too much of a good thing. And I put the question to you clones. Did we bite off more than we could chew? Because the head we're starting to run out of gas. At the end of the segment, he was his grammar was getting worse. He was mispronouncing more words and teams and names and the reaction was no. You can't do too much will take as much as you possibly can give us so there you go. 12345 games, five games. Look for him at big head bets, and I will retweet it myself and again. I would love to go against the grain. I would love to go against him, but I see it the exact same way that he does this week. Who you got? Are you getting down? 1 806 368686. That's the big head. We do that every single Friday. Alright when we come back Still ahead. Obviously it was The ATP and a guaranteed telephone call or two don't go anywhere. So are you ready to win money and boost your odds? We just gave you some great Intel. When bet is now live in Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee and Virginia. We are bringing the excitement of Wynn Las Vegas to online sports betting and casino play exclusive rewards right at your fingertips, get in on.

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