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You're all just Brad Barton in the W B, a weather center Well, and winds have shifted a Wichita falls, so that's what the Cold front is. Now It's about three hours away, and there'll be no doubt as to when it comes in. We do have some rain in the area. We have three little bands of showers right now one to the east of Dallas, one from downtown Dallas on up to my McKinney like a long 75 Central and then I think the main rain band is eventually going to be what's developing off to the West. Back toward Weatherford, Hudson Oaks up toward Decatur and Wise County. Those showers and storms will increase in intensity as they moved through here later today 58 for the high close to our current temperature, gusty north, winds afternoon 20 to 30 and dusty and then will be much cooler with temperatures 38 to 40 overnight that will set the stage for a cooler the rest of the week. Right now at W B A P. 57 degrees Congress will convene today to certify the electoral college votes in the 2020 presidential election. Correspondent Lucas Tomlinson reports the process come Was amid mounting tensions on Capitol Hill run late into the evening. Expect Lee 12 Republican senators say they will challenge Joe Bynes victory. The president tweeted, the vice president of the power to reject fraud, only chosen electors. But Virginia Democratic Senator Mark one replied, never has and never will. New York Times is reporting vice president Pence told the president he did not have the power to block congressional certification, The president released a statement saying, quote The New York Times report regarding comments vice president Pence supposedly made to me today is fake news. He never said that. Meanwhile, two senators from taxes aren't seeing eye to eye on today's vote. The president continues to allege election broad, and because of that some lawmakers plan to object Electoral college tallies. Senator Ted Cruz says Hill object.

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