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No hugs and now the classic chicken sandwich two for just five bucks. Price and participation may very limited time only. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Kevin and the forecast looking at some snow right now, the Doppler radar. This is up and down the western part of Massachusetts all the way from Great Barrington to North Adams and all the way into Vermont as well. So all of us could see some snow flying out there even some or extended flurries throughout the afternoon, and tonight that temp is going to plummet. Tonight is going to fall into the teens and the single digits Saturday and Sunday. We're not budging beyond 30 degrees. That's our high both days despite the sun There's more within DeVore early son giving away the clouds here in Boston, north and west of us, We could start to see some flurries and snow showers later this afternoon. I think that drops into Boston tonight. Ahead of that low forties real fields in the thirties, ending up in the twenties. Real fields fall into the single digits tonight, and then it's cold and blustery, both days of the weekend, real field single digits and teens tomorrow on Sunday, maybe a little more sun Sunday than Saturday. Clouding up upper thirties on Monday, and it looks like that storm with some snow stays south and west of Boston proper Monday night into Tuesday. We're keeping an eye on it. I thank you with meteorologist Tina Board WBZ Boston's news radio being said the high Today would be 45. You are spot on Dean 45 right now in Marshfield. Mostly cloudy there, though, and the coldest spot is Pittsfield word snowing. It's 34 degrees. Checking New England business. Here's Kim Carrigan. Analysts at Fitch Ratings say there's more to the Massachusetts labor market than meets the eye. In November. The state jobless rate was 6.7% but of people who have exited the labor.

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