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But the at this party Michael's girlfriend, Debbie was there, and she's the long Brown haired brunette, and the plan was that she was going to manage the restaurant that Michael had recently bought and Tennessee while Michael was locked up. And that was the last time Gary will remember seeing Mike or girlfriend Debbie on Thursday, March thirty first nineteen ninety four Michael Warren was behind bars. Michael served out his prison time in south Florida. The majority in a minimum security work camp in homestead south of Miami. He worked there as an orderly and a labor for the state transportation department his prison record was spotless. And after four years he was released early for good behavior. On New Year's Eve nineteen ninety seven Michael walked out of prison and into a fresh new life. He gave the corrections department has mother's address as his residents thirty two hundred south ocean drive in a building bordered on two sides by water and exclusive Palm Beach Florida, but whether he ever stayed there isn't known in fact, Michael's footsteps for the next two decades are difficult to trace and the investigation into Marlene. Warren's bizarre murder went ice cold. While Michael's new life after prison was mostly a mystery. There are a few clues one is a two thousand to document that homicide. Detectives in Florida wouldn't learn about for twelve years. It's a marriage certificate. On august. Fifteenth two thousand to just over a dozen years after his wife's murder, Michael remarried and his Las Vegas bride was Sheila, Keane. On the certificate, Michael. And Sheila Warren reported they were making their home in eastern, Tennessee. Meanwhile, in Florida reporter, Jim depalma says there was virtually no movement in the investigation into Marlene. Warren's murder we follow in following following. Then after a while the leads just kinda dried up we've found out you know, about Michael's previous arrest record. There was no proof about Sheila, Michael actually, have an affair and then on top of it whether that that had anything to do with more leans murder all of that was just you could take it so far. But then after that it became a dead end. And it became a dead end the police to the investigators they did everything they could at the time after a while there just wasn't really a lot to talk about. And we're a few tips, but mostly dead ends in one tip an anonymous caller on June twenty seventh two thousand said he knew the location of the murder weapon. And part of the clown costume police trace the call to Donald Carter one of Michael's twin cut. Who worked on his car lot? Argon motors. In a sworn statement Donald said that one day Michael gave him a gun to hide he put it in the attic of his parents home. He also said he was given a clown way to get rid of it was wrapped in spark plug wire. So it would sink in water donelson. He threw the whig into a canal off military trail in West Palm Beach. Detectives didn't find the gun in the attic and divers searched the canal for the whig with no luck. Two years later in late two thousand two police in Virginia contacted the sheriff's office in Palm Beach county about an investigation they were conducting into drug trafficking. The drug investigation was unrelated to the Wellington killer clown case, but it did come up in discussions between Virginia and Florida. Detectives. Michael Warren's name came up to. But the investigation produced no leads in the murder case..

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Michael Warren, Murder, South Florida discussed on Felonious Florida

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