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Was very excited about initially when it came on Disney, channel but. Neither here nor there, but I think that you know it's just. It's silly like in, and that's not to belittle anything, but it's just like it's one of these perfectly American things where it's just like we're gonna Max out this contract and make it so ridiculous and big Gargantuan, but really when you poke inside, it's just a normal. quarterback contract that's for a for a little bit more than the other quarterback contracts right and the length of it, and the the the slight increase, and the length of it make it seem massive which it is massive. I, mean that's not to say that it's not but. Always these all seem less massive in hindsight. My biggest question with your analogy is that you as a fellow Pennsylvania native seemed to site directional schools in Pennsylvania and I don't know of any directional schools in Pennsylvania. Well, they I believe that they went to a non existent university. So. It was like Estrin Pennsylvania University or or one of those things. I guess the Pennsylvania equivalent of the directional schools would have been the state school system rights. You add Stony Brook and Kutztown and Bloomsburg and ehlers, vel, Millersville. East Stroudsburg I think is maybe one east Strasburg I can go through, and I can actually name all those nicknames to the East Rows Burgers the warriors Millersville. Marauders Bloomsburg huskies so yeah, no, we, we know our we know are directional schools in Pennsylvania. Most of which waitlisted or denied my applications college by the way, so don't think that or forgets in that Anyway Yeah, so I. I think this is one of those deals where. It's it's good. I guess keeps the chiefs together, but it's one of those things that we were like. Okay. You know this this was going to happen anyway. No matter what. Yeah, but it's good to talk about. And we recorded our podcast on Monday before the big news honor. So this is the first time that we've had to discuss it, so yeah absolutely. One, thing I will say that I do enjoy about the rest of this is. We had fallen a little bit of a rhythmic tango between agents and teams like every deal was like okay. It's half a million more than the other deal and. And you know we'll do a little bit of injury. Guarantee here and there and everything was getting a little boring. A little sexier, though and the next time Dak Prescott comes to the negotiating table or Aaron Rodgers, or any of these you know generational talented players. They could say look at this. I want one of these I want I went the big ten year guy. Right, but the question is what will really be the impacts for those other guys, because no one is pat mahomes right now true except for the homes exactly. And we'll get to that in a little bit really insightful for our read our listeners here. Connor I'm really dropping a lot of knowledge here. I can see why people come back week after week. I always I think i. come for the Rent So. Anyway let's start though because we're going to get to the the impact on the quarterback market and a little bit, but I want to start with our SL daily cover story which we're recording this on Wednesday. It's already online. It's going to lead the site on Thursday and Jenny you and our fellow senior writer Michael Rosenberg dug into this brilliant story on Daniel, Snyder and his charity which was meant to support native Americans, and was initially brought up with great fanfare, but as you guys dug into the details and looked at the records. It seems that is not so much the case anymore. Anymore, yeah, it's really an interesting situation I remember when they launched the foundation in two thousand fourteen, because I was working on a story about the team name, and we reach out to several native American communities visited a couple of communities as well and we're doing. A story focused on how native Americans felt about the team, and that story was impactful in my mind, or how I thought about things, because it was so easy to find people who are deeply offended and hurt by the name and hearing their personal accounts is really stuck with me so when the name change issue came up again now. As I mentioned another pod. You know head kind of receded from the public spotlight a little bit once the Trademark Challenge Group of Native Americans challenged the trademark on the ground that it was disparaging, and they essentially loss on a constitutional decision of Supreme. Court made a ruling in another case that essentially made their case. No longer viable but you know they had challenge that the trademark and not had really. Pushed this issue to the forefront in two thousand fourteen and then. Once that was dismissed. In Two Thousand Sixteen was the Supreme Court ruling that effectively ended the trademark challenge, so the foundation was launched in twenty fourteen at the height of the trademark suit, and I remember the story that I was reading about the team name. They announced foundation like the night before story was supposed to run, so it was like it's always kind of been in my head and I just went all of. Of this came up again, I said. Let me take a look at the foundation so I pulled up nineties and I said wow, the funding is really dropped. They gave about three point seven, million, the first year, and then one point something million in the second year, then dropped to six, hundred, three hundred, meanwhile, they had eight hundred thousand and operating expenses, including salaries, and so we realized there was definitely a story there. And, then over the last two weeks, it was kind of talking to native American leaders. Activists are asking the team and checking in and seeing where things stand, so the team says the foundation is still active that Gary Edwards. WHO's a retired secret service agent. is still running at but the accounts from tribes that had relationships with the foundation..

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