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Beer and welcome show. How's it going? It's so great. I'm so excited to be here. I love your show so much. Oh that's awesome. Thank you so you are at being bad ass. Dot Com love that by the way so talk a little bit about what you got going on over there being banned to ask dot com that you're most excited about today man what I'm most excited about today. I'm somebody has to be that way because the thing I'm always passionate about is really helping women especially entrepreneurial women see that there are enough right now in every aspect of their life that's the thing that lake lights me up the most and <hes> some of the things that help have helped cows with over the years doing that is helping them see that they're you know he'll the relationship of food in their bodies being that's enough and the the space I'm going into now because I feel lake the same energy with which we do one thing is the energy with which we all things and the thing that I most excited about right now is really helping <hes> entrepreneurial women raise their rates and believe that there enough to do like really high quality work and to turn on a level they've never earned before and that's been like a really fun. I wouldn't say pivot because again. It's all you are enough as the core of what I'm really excited about right yeah yeah I just started to see it so much. Helping all these entrepreneurial women he'll the relationship with food and their body and then seeing them quadruple their income in the work. We're talking about food. Their body and I'm like man. I'm raise talking about the money that's awesome so that's what I'm excited about right now. It's a really good theme the Enough Yeah Yeah. I'm really that I think that'll take you all the way to the end of your life and you won't you won't reach the end of that little knit you are enough can keep going. No No. You'll die before you get to the bottom of that niche so good for you get boring. Thank you yeah. I feel that way too especially. You know I'm thirty eight and I and I've worked with a lot of gals most of my market. I would say as thirty five to sixty but what I what I'm realizing now is working with a lot more women. I didn't even realize until the other day when I looked back and was really looking at everybody's age. Most of the women I work with in their fifth between fifty to sixty years old wow and so what I'm realizing is you know. I'm so grateful that I figured this out. Quote Unquote earlier right like third is jer that's early. That's yeah because you know I'm helping these women who have that same struggle struggle of believing God. We've just been carrying this around their whole life that they're not beautiful enough to fill in the blank or not enough or there's something wrong with them or they're broken or they need fixing and we just carry the stuff around and I feel like gets especially profound for Gals you know in their fifties or approaching their fifties because we really start to have this feeling like oh my gosh. I'm getting close to retirement. When am I going to feel good about myself? Am I gonNA you'll like I'm enough. I feel like that's a really critical time. It's like let's get this solve babe. Start seeing yourself with some love right right yeah and the thing is is. I think it's a good idea. I think you've got you've got lucky in a way that you kind of like start with breath the physical kind of like you're working with the body image issues and you know people getting people to love their bodies to start with that's going to happen. I think that's going to happen and when you get to the point where that sort of like sort it out. You know it's never finished but it's sorted you got you gotTA strategy to make that keep going right. I've got that momentum. That's that's that is when the funds going to start. I think for me right because it's like I can do anything I feel like this the just rolls into every other area of your life and you just start and then every challenge after that seems a lot easier. It's not like it's like okay. This is not going to be easy but I can do it is yeah. That's amazing so good for you. Thank you so fun and one of the big things to you that I get so excited about is <hes> when women were the women that I've been helping with their food and body stuff. They always come in thinking. I'll feel better when the result happens. I love most is being able to get them feeling better on day one or week on right and they realize oh the weight loss the food stuff. That's just the Cherry on the top. I feel so good at all of my life. It feels really good when you finally see and like no it in your like emotional body like you know it in your owns that you're enough right like the world opens up. It's so crazy amazing. It isn't okay well. Sorry we went on a little bit because I excited about this topic but we need to have good. That's good but we need to go back in time because this is room verbier. We have to get the betty. Wait a minute me Betty Jean Belt while better Dean Bell doesn't get more southern than the Betty Jean Bell Superhero origin story cool. So where did you grow up. I grew up in a very tiny town in the Appalachian Mountains Radford Virginia area tiny and very tiny they were <hes> four hundred people in my entire high school and like thirty estimate yeah it really fix my. I was like eighty six my graduating high school gloss. That's smaller than me. There was four hundred something in my graduating class. Oh Wow so yeah so I was in a small town on but not that small so it's like I guess a little bit smaller than where I grew up. That's okay he any tiny and for me. It always started so I've always been very driven very focused and I started seeing when I was a little oh girl on has four years old. I started seeing obscene whole opera yeah classical an opera four yeah I was using it was open. I loved it and I know it's crazy. When I look at I I was looking at a baby box? My mom gave me while back and there were compositions and they're like that I wrote and I'm like I don't even remember music theory. Now I knew so much theory when I was like seven it was bunkers offers end so it was really into it and I was my first operas and I was like eat and twelve children's off Ras and started and we have a college there and so we started I started studying in a college level and taking voice Jason Things like that. So you know long story short. I always knew what I wanted to do and I wanted to be an opera singer and I I studied my focused every day and <hes> when I was eleven my body started to develop and as every every girls does but I was one of the first school to develop and it got me attention from boys but unfortunately it wasn't the best attention knowing what I know now. I know that they had a crush on me. They just had a really really not great way of show or get oh so you know the mental start verbal abuse and like colonies fat and leaving really really damaging her whole things on my locker <hes> and there was there was just a lot of abuse physical abuse and verbal abuse from boys at school and I didn't no how to tell anybody and so being this <hes> so I never told anybody all through high school and all that I never talked about it but it it drove me I had to coping mechanisms my music and <hes> an eating became like a big coping mechanism mm for me okay now I would ovary stand at the fridge and binge but he didn't know that was a thing I thought that's just how the world dealt with stuff because you like watch TV and someone breaks up with their boyfriend. What are they do like in friends? You can see they're like eating a gallon of ice cream. That's right. That's what you do. You said this will help right exactly so that's what I that's what I thought was totally normal so I did that and <hes> and I just studied rehearse in practice <hes> and I always made these very early beyond made these correlations <hes> just for how my life was unfolding that if any man was ever GonNa love me I needed to look a certain way and <hes> if I was ever going to <hes> be safe I needed to be successful so like because I believe that in order to get away from what was happening that I didn't know how to talk to anybody about that. I needed to sing my way out of their you know once I go somewhere else then it'll all end so you having success all through high school singing yeah yeah and so I I made those associations very early and <hes> and so seventeen years old rolls around time to go off to school and my throat starts hurting and I talked to my voice teacher she sends me to physicians and he says you will never speak again. Let alone sing yeah these re you have really severe damage to your vocal cords <hes> and so I tell my voice teacher and she's like Oh hell no. You're getting a second opinion right right of course so she says what your research full in another state and <HES> and it turns out I had really severe acid reflux and they were doing some the leading research on acid reflux. This is nineteen ninety-seven so then like a test group for pilots sack lake. Everything's very early early in new with a severe reflux <hes> so anyway I do. I go to this place and they say <hes> okay. If you're ever GONNA sing again you need to not speak. We need to give your voice time to heal. We gotTA figure this out. I'm so I'm very committed so mute for eighteen months and there's no texting doesn't exist back then some carrying notebook around as a freshman year in college not talking to anybody was so difficult for a seventeen year old not wow yeah uh from seventeen eighteen. I didn't seek when I'M GONNA have my nuts. Oh it was so hard it was and couldn't make friends. I mean I made friends. It was really south though and I still hadn't dealt with all this emotional stuff that's thing going on my coping mechanism the now. I didn't imagine that's gone so yeah. You're probably binging more food than than you would. Normally totally I doubled down the food so of course I'm gaining weight still hadn't told anybody whether it happened growing up and so I had my first reconstructive surgery to.

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