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Speaks in a thick accent it was jimmy's big break he got the part of jinyang on silicon valley i need to fish i understand you eat the fish when you clean the fish you can't just leave the fish head and guts in the sink because the whole house smells like a baid station so you gotta put it in the trash and then take the trash out during stan yes i eat the fish jimmy doesn't mind doing an accent my like some other actors of color because i wasn't immigrant i was the kid with an accent it snobby and to me doesn't make sense that you you're gonna say you don't wanna play a character would an accent because they're real people like that that exist so i've always almost find that insulting to me personally silicon valley got jimmy cast in patriots day with mark wahlberg and the yet to be released movie crazy rich agents jimmy felt he'd achieved a level of success so he wrote the book he'd always wanted to write with all of his stories recently jimmy's dad richard started reading it and too much prize actually after you read the first chapter he called me he was like this is actually really good writing like i'm surprised like this is great so i was like hey thanks that sounds really happy about that and actually the next day he called me here's like jimmy the more i read this the more i'm not okay with this and it was just like a really really hard phone call but i knew it was coming jimmy's parents really don't like the book his mom was going to take some copies to show family and shanghai but says she won't now jimmy says that hurts but by now he's used to disappointing his parents he says maybe his next book will be about dealing with the fallout from this one totally ribaud of the world rupa shenoy of our other podcasts there with comedian jimmy o yang for the full story look for other hood on your favorite podcast app from an and bill harris studios here at wbz in boston in a snowy boston i'm marco werman we'll be back with you tomorrow.

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