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At pardon might take let's go to hot see cool thrown because i think this is required bury the lead and we're gonna have hank start and it's something that we need to discuss in lengthier this this is about his real of a hotseat as their ever could be a mild seated billy football yes yes and why hank well billy football was thinking houston out the funny tweet of a screen shot of a text conversation had with pfp early all that's funny billy would you like to go ahead and pick it up from here and again wanted jubal era sounds really funny billy i like to preface it with an pressures sorry oca and sorry for what for posting p if tease number two twitter his phone number his phone his cell phone number have that happen well on android yeah that's the first problem we talk to you when you i got here we said you were the entire package we got everything about you except we get you on an iphone and why is that because it shows your number talking to the mic middle atto michael shows your number in the screen shot uhhuh right under the name and you tweeted that and i tweeted town of followers thirty eight thirty thousand people saw pf tease formula yeah answer how many tech's of again no like six hundred four hundred eighty nine checked a bunch of um so fast probably more a lot of phone calls so pfp now base we asked the changes number this happened to me like three or four years ago when our boss tweeted my number and we were could have been you could remain iphone yeah wow rimi i've got on heirs to bat i have a phone and a brain dead intern zone could have been me.

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