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You're too angry I was who would want to have sex with me Dave I was bitter and angry for six months with no matter what my libido was I don't know I didn't make any of those notes in the notes that I was just miserable and two brothers they they say they like to do it again for a longer period with more variables and actually get a good study going because they only did for how long they did it for a month which is still enough to see yeah change I want to do it for six months now they need to have a full blood work panel too they didn't do a yes chant like they didn't measure testosterone to find out of testosterone fell you know during that I think that would be an interesting thing especially and their point is look we're identical twins were the perfect people to experiment on it you get the feeling that neither of these guys are gonna cheat they're going to do it exactly the way it's supposed to be done because they genuinely want to know that's how I'd be if I had a twin what do you do cool stuff if you are an identical twin like that when you do cool stuff like that I would I never thought of having an identical twin it would be kind of scary I thank do you know a lot of people were twins at it'll you know do you do you you don't know I have I went to school with some identical twins yeah I have four sets of twins that I am still friends with from childhood college whatever and two of them are very very very close and two of them despise each other and have nothing identical or just yes the identical okay they're identical which makes the whole despising so weird but I asked one of the women that I know who does not speak to her identical sister I was like I don't know what's the deal with that she's like when you grow up with a mirror sometimes you never want to see it again and I thought that was kind of interesting and that's all she said and I didn't push it I I just think that for some people not ever feeling like you have your own identity becomes too much I don't think I'd enjoy especially during childhood wearing the same clothes everywhere because we're twins isn't that cute no it's not even that it's being referred to in the collective form you don't so which one are you told that yeah or the twins they're the twins but then I did two other sets of twins that I know they're my age and they are one of them lives next door to his brother I mean they're very very very close and their families are very very very close and they'll be that way till they die so I just find it interesting I don't have any twins that are just you know no just just normal close with their so I don't know they either hate each other at their super close there seems to be a weird disconnect there I don't know I've I've talked to twins that have said things like I can't imagine my wife without the other person like I it's beyond my ability to comprehend because they've been there the entire time and when your twin does die that's gotta be incredibly tough for the other one yep yep right or just yeah I just rather have a regular sibling I thank I like my siblings for the most part when we get back we've got a couple things one no tick tock did not kill the trump rally actually want to talk about that I don't care I don't care I I just think that the trump rally was poorly attended for a variety of reasons one of which is that trump supporters are not idiots and they didn't necessarily want to be crowded into a venue if you look at the numbers of people who watched it online millions of people watch that rally millions of people it's not like people weren't interested they just didn't want to go I also have proof that too much exercise will kill you yep it's the one I found this yup we will talk about that after this but first season we can we have the news there for media the White House says the president is very pleased with the Tulsa rally turnout and he was just kidding about slowing down testing for coronavirus I've got all the details for you coming up at two thirty right here on KOAA news radio eight fifty AM at nine four one FM just stories we cover stories that matter to you a place for my family Americans want Connie back on track actually my health nineteen is still very real Colorado do what you need these things are very important if it matters to you it matters to us carry away news radio guys if you are in the market for a new bad maybe you're sleeping on the old taco you know what I'm talking about you lay in the.

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