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And how did I put this connection together? Dark money and so forth. The book's called On Freedom of the Press. You can carry two page 1 87, 1, 88 and 1 89 where I get into this somewhat because people forget S o those back benches on radio and TV who want to use this thing? See, evening or tomorrow? There you go. By the way, just as a footnote. John Arena was the attorney general back then, and despite all this, she would never appoint an independent counsel to investigate it because she knew Despite all the other appointments she made This one would take down the Clintons. This was the communist Chinese regime. Through its military wing. Putting millions of dollars into the coffers of the DNC, Democratic candidates Clinton for president and the Clinton Defense Fund. Now, While some of these stooges Johnny Chung reality, the other were punished. Most of them were not. No, Joe Biden and his family have much more. Substantive, deeper, ubiquitous ties to the communist regime in China than Clinton ever had. Now, if you're ji and you're sitting there and you're thinking yourself, who would I rather have his president? It would be Biden. A man trying candidate. Remember, we had James O'Keefe on the program with his great project Veritas. It's one of the Few remaining investigative reporting organizations in America. And remember. The clip. You won't but I'll play it for you. Jeff Zucker. Saying he doesn't want to get into this New York post stuff for any of the rest of it involving Hunter by no way. Then David Charlie in Vice president and CNN political director. He chimes in two, so a complete cover up. That has done enormous damage to our country, enormous damage to our electoral system. Had to go. Think on the bright Bart, New York Post Fox News Rabbit Hole of Hunter Biden, which I don't think anybody outside of that world understood. Last night, The Wall Street Journal reported that their review of all for the record, so showed no role for Joe Biden on the No, no, no on the Chinese deal, and yes, I d put more credibility in the Wall Street journal that I do in the New York Post. Obviously, we're not going with the New York Post story right now on Dr Biden and which seems to be giving its marching orders, The Fox News and the right wing. I could remember about what the Talk about the day. Obviously, 100 back employer is quoted in The New York Post piece of most continue to report out. This is the very stuff that the president was impeached. Turn this on Trump. Attack Fox. They attack the New York Post. They attacked, right, Bart, who has the attack here. They turn this into a Donald Trump story. When there's nothing do it, Donald Trump. Donald Trump's try and bring attention to it. This is a very sick group of people mentally ill mentally unhinged. Obsessive. People. From the top down, sucker, Hayley in all the rest of them. They're a disgrace. They have destroyed their own profession. I guess I will be okay. But they You're a big part of the poison that is leached into our system. Go ahead. The committee's looked at and found nothing wrong in Joe Biden's interactions with Ukrainians. That's simply not correct, by the way with the with Johnson and Grassley, but go ahead. Having an email that perhaps there was a meeting with someone from Marie's MMA. He's uh, things ready. Giuliani's sort of you know what's interesting about this guy rambling on he has no idea. With the New York Post reported. There's no idea where Rudy Giuliani was saying he has no idea. He's mumbling and stumbling and he's bringing up Ukraine and this, that's fine. But this is a big story, particularly about China. That related to the hard drive. And where the first hand testimony was coming from. And he has no idea what's going on and he doesn't carry. They just dismissed it. Go ahead. Put the ball in the closing days of the campaign, Jeff interesting on the charisma story, and we should be awfully careful about that, obviously, but I do think there's a media story of what in the world are, uh, Maggie Haberman and, uh, take sure doing re tweeting that story. So Jake Sherman Maggi Hammerman. Other reporters so called What are they doing on the Internet? Even talking about this New York Post story. What is wrong with them? I thought we were all in this together. I thought we were the Pretoria in guard. And by the way, they did not promote the story at all. A little tweet here in a little tweet there. Go ahead. That's it. Now the communist Chinese have always preferred the Democrat Party. Yes, Diane Franken Feinstein. Ask Bill Clinton as I was just explaining in the DNC. You don't see a lot of their money flowing into the Republican ranks. Behind Republican candidates. You know, it's like all this fraud going on out there you notice the Democrats. Haven't found any fraud in any of the states. The post office works so beautifully this time rose Unbelievable. Unbelievable. But now we have this guy Eric Swalwell. We've never liked. In fact, we've always despised you could just see what a sleaze ball he is from Day one. He won't deny whether he had an affair with a communist Chinese spy. It seems to me if you didn't have an affair with a Communist Chinese value would say so, Mr. Producer, Open your microphone, please. Would you Did you have an affair with Fong Fong? The Communist Buy from China yesterday? I did not. You did not. Ricci v. Mr Calls for an open your microphone. Would you play? Did you have an affair with Fong Fong? The Communist Chinese by? Yes, sir. No, no, sir. And neither did I. So that's three of us who did not. Eric Swalwell to give an affair with a Communist spy by the name of Fong Fong. By the way, you can't make this stuff up. I'm sorry that's classified. And besides, this was leaked in order to embarrass me and to harm me because I went after Trump during. Just asked a question. Did you or didn't you? Hey, sleazeball talking.

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