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Would be really important when countries or communities or schools plan for solutions to involve adolescent girls factors that drive the lack of exercise among teens vary from country to country but include the appeal of electronic devices poverty and malnutrition Melissa call Ross KCBS about fifteen minutes after the end of the Golden State Warriors game last night the Utah Jazz is home arena was evacuated because of a suspicious package warriors players boarded their team bus and got out of their Salt Lake City police say the package turned out to be a tool box the S. the S. JPT arrested a man yesterday morning in connection with that incident Tuesday were a bomb was found at Oak Grove high school in San Jose Andrew white was arrested at his home just a couple blocks from the school after an overnight standoff and Michael Jackson story is headed for Hollywood here's Matt Piper first word of a Broadway show and now a Michael Jackson movie is in the works but he me and wraps the producer Graham Kim is struck a deal with is a state for the late pop star's life and music rights that film won four Oscars this year and has taken in more than nine hundred million dollars at the box office Jackson's reputation came under scrutiny this year thanks to the Emmy winning documentary leaving Neverland about alleged sexual abuse at the hands of the star but even so this movie along with the Broadway show and even a cirque de soleil show in Vegas continue to go on Piper CBS news coming up on KCBS I'm Jim Taylor what you mean multiple lanes of the bay bridge are gonna shut down this weekend yeah we're going to be building three of five lane eastbound and westbound on the it's two fifteen here's your sports line with Bruce McAllen if you're a football fan you're getting ready for Sunday's confrontation between the Green Bay Packers and the forty Niners at Levi's stadium itself five twenty kick off on national television arguably the two best teams next to the perennial champion New England Patriots Aaron Rodgers who played his football of Carol and hails from Chico up in the north Sacramento Valley knows what the crowd will be like but hopes to have a little support anyway I know there's a lot of west coast Packer fans also know they you know bump on the prices out there too hopefully we can get some green and gold **** in the stands out there and win a nine and one and then your number one seed going into week twelve I would expect it to be a pretty loud ground defensively to Richard Sherman who won a Super Bowl ring with Seattle and is helping to keep a young defensive squad focused and calm his hoping tied in George kill will be.

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