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I wanna talk to you about extreme stocking. I'd never heard of this assault today. I'm like, wow. It's kinda like swatting. If you're not familiar with that good, you'd be thankful, but swatting is when somebody will call the police department and say, there's some kind of horrible situation in your house, a hostage situation domestic violence, and he gets swat out there. Now, you you've done nothing. You're you and your family just minding their own business. And all of a sudden, you're surrounded by the police, and it's extremely dangerous for everybody involved. And it's a horrible thing to do to somebody. But that's a swatting is now, there's extreme stalking. This is from p and from the desert news, it's out in Salt Lake City wall gilmore's family is being extreme stocks. They think they know who it is. And I think the person who's doing it lives in Hawaii. Now, the police say they have multiple suspects. They're not ruling out anybody. Here's what extreme stalking has. Every day. About twenty different service people show up to this man's house. Plumbers, electricians, your people food delivery drivers. Those are all the legal ones. Then there's the illegal kind like prostitutes. Now, the guy and his family have not called any of these people. Somebody else has called them up ordered services to be delivered to this house. So twenty people plus everyday are coming through this neighborhood. And this guy's home. Wow. Electrical plumbing, tree, trimming, towing services said they have police records. This is the owner of the home talking about the people that show up, especially the ones that are illegal. They have police records criminals felons active warrants for their arrest coming to my home. They're looking for drugs. They're offering prostitution, and it's pretty concerning to me and my family and my entire neighborhood. These folks are here. He actually had a sign made. And he's got the sign in his front yard now. Big sign and it says. That if you have been asked to provide any services to this address such as a to home repair locksmith, plumbing, food deliveries or anything else. Please call the north Salt Lake police, we are all victims of this scam. And it's costing these organizations these companies these these workers a lot of money and time and effort police estimate that already the combined lost the companies that have responded to this home as part of this prank or the stream stalking twenty grand in wages and uncollected fees. Officers have been called to the home at least eighty times since February. They actually have a car out there. Twenty four hours a day. Now police car round the clock. And they still haven't been able to find who's doing this. The guy that says that he sees people taking pictures of his house looking inside his windows late at night sitting in cars parked outside. This I guess is all before the police started showing up and he thinks it's because the suspect hired people online. There's a website where you can pay people to spy on others. This is pretty sick stuff. It's pretty twisted. But this could happen to anybody. Now, somebody's gotta really hate you and have a lot of time on their hands. How can they not track these people down or they think that the person who is doing this to the family, maybe using a computer program? There's a computer program you can use to make the calls and the text and make it look like they originate from another number, and it makes it really hard to trace. Police are using voice recognition software defined the suspect. But they haven't found him yet. Man, you thought swatting was bad. This is and this has been going on for days and days and weeks. I don't know. I don't know how you stop it. But what what should the punishment be? When you get when you if they are able to catch this person, first of all if he's doing it from out of state, isn't that a federal crime to ratchet it up a little bit more. Should he be charged with restitution for all of these companies that he's really costs them money and time? What kind of restitution she have to make to this family? That is now living in fear. The guy says my family doesn't want to leave the house. So I feel trapped in my home. I feel threatened. My wife is scared to death constantly, my other family members don't like to go outside because they don't know who's coming. This is threatening not only threatening to my family. My entire neighborhood. I think it's got a it's got to be a severe penalty on these on this guy when they catch him doesn't it? And if not.

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