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A lot of shots in this game 10 for rit just seven for air force with the falcons are up to 0428 left second period those two goals baskin in stone back in the first period police officer in the air force into the right of billy crystal palace and taken this dropper airforce is tyler led for against bios powell powell game won 31rit career he's been around for ever pakistan's role in the circle finally poked out of there in at the blue line brubaker keeps it alive the tigers he'll senate low behind the net now they work over here in the near corner it's too man game and with it is going to be shot camera cameron he skates around and feeds to the blue line farside from there the shot misses the far post it's behind the net their wagon and hacking at at their tigers maintain possession cameron has it comes off the goal line with it in the corner near side christopher's watches meaning against the near post looking over his left shoulder hours right shoulders the reverse to the other side and the tigers keeping the puck in the air force in a long time finally get get a take away and this has led for trying to clear it gets to a buddha booed two co package and your pitch it out of there and co packer put a little too much spin on that 1 and it's sliced up and out of point 334 left here in the second period you look at those shots on goal uncharacteristic of these two teams they they've done some battle going up and down and teams get a lot of scoring chances usually but tonight not a lot of chances for either one of these teams will get.

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