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Creighton 22 for 62. Both teams struggle from behind the arc savior was 25% 8 for 28 for 32 from behind the clip, only two for 16 in the second half. Creighton. They struggled as well from the art eight for 28 for 28%. They were three for 13 from behind the Arc saver, too, for 16 behind the art in the second half, both teams Free throws. Saver shot him at a 71% clip. They were only five for 72 Gom or Creighton. They were 14 for 20. They were at 70. 70% for the game Turnovers Low. Xavier 11 Creighton 12 points off turnovers. Negligible save. You have five points off turnovers. Great. Only had seven total rebounds. Savory lost about the boards by 3 42. Of 45 say was seven. Offensive rebounds. Crane with eight offensive rebounds, Bench points. 22 21 Advantage David points in the paint, plus six for Creighton. Both teams had 10 assists. There were two ties in a ball game to lead changes. And Graydon left about 23 minutes. Where's Avery left? For about 15 minutes of this basketball game, Joe. It was a close game and the stats bear that out. You know the one stat where you see the big difference, and you pointed at Xavier, just getting to the free throw line seven times making five. Meanwhile, 20 attempts by the Great Blue Jays, making 14. It's really Maybe we're the game was decided. You said it remarkably close stats about the stats I expected, though, no, based upon our pregame comments, that's for sure. They're both teams came in averaging. 84 85 points a game and save your struggles. Only gets 61 in this game, and I thought that was the difference. That was the difference in that Xavier didn't tip have their typical big offensive game. They did a great job playing defense, but Just not enough offense on the road. When you play in, you know a top 25 teams. Avery needs to score more than 61 to beat anybody in this league. The final from the CH I Center in Omaha, Nebraska, the creating blue Jay 66 Xavier Musketeers. 61. This is a basketball from their field. I am Jay College on 700 wlw to.

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