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Heart of the wall why not this is brennan in san francisco giants back to the giants pregame show with montgomerie on came vr six eighty hill uh let's start off with with the the easy when the secondary leave and it's huge jamming looking around washington third base coach phil neville flande and you've coach third it's a critical point of of what you have to do is a third base coach some players do it better than others why why what what's going on here yeah well there's the primary lead and then there's the secondary lead primarily is how far you get off the base let's say you're at first base and you know you're a base stealer you want to get as good a primary leaders you can off the base as far as you can to get closer to the base but if you're not stealing and this comes in the play for every player almost every time there on the basis is how far do get off the base when the ball is hit so you want a good effort on a secondary leading the best example i can give you is if you're running the bases at second base your primary lead and you're not a based dealer isn't as important as your secondary leads so usually take two to three shuffles off the base going towards third so you can get as far as you possibly can of the balls put on in play you can score but the other side of it as you obviously can't go so far were the catcher can pick you off so as i have the time it perfect so when you're right foot is landing towards third base that last step the better puts the ball in play you time it were you continually run of the balls.

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