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The classic series one from the new and each of us are then take it in turns to discuss those stories picked at random and try and find a spurious link between them. And while we're doing that the others will get the opportunity to pass comment and possibly drop in the on odd anecdote of their own home just have an hour. We were a little bit less than that now, but we hope to get around about three or four times. So I hope that all makes sense and I guess without further ado. I see because naturally mostly taken the opportunity to be to join the general theme of the evening and be able to go first Richard. I'll give you one month that Goldman right Richard and you discourse for a number of minutes on the caves of androzani. Yes, and it's knew who counterpart Paramount at the end of the world. Well one of those one of those stories, I know rather better than the other I suppose that the the key thing about caves risoni was the first time around a missed episode 2 and I was absolutely frustrated about that. It was a Friday night and I happened to be watching Norman Wisdom. And you know, I'm wasting film on the Telly we watching as a family and I quite enjoyed it and then round about half-past seven when it occurred to me that I also been watching Doctor Who and that I missed it and not only had a missed it but Having recorded and that was it gone forever is a bit miffed. I mean deficit to perhaps not the key one, but nonetheless, you know, not not really one that you did want to miss either off. So for many years I had episodes one three and four, which I watched almost endlessly on on video without the event that benefit episode to I think I've probably still only watched it a couple of times so I can't tell you very much about that one. But the rest of them are really enjoyed I feel I guess a cracking story obviously Davidson's the last little bit of Baker at the end nice effort from Harper. Yeah. It's it's it's a cracking story which I recommend to anyone here at the end of the world I have to say is home of those stories. I've only seen once and the ones that I saw it. There's a pyramid right there's lots of the number of armies descending on it. And eventually it's left to chlorr no no to to a bill to make some kind of a choice on behalf of the world to stop something from happening as I recall. And yeah, I mean it goes right in the end. But in fact in so doing ends up the doctrines up in trouble. So.

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