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The republican party harris harris personally fired back and used her campaign account broadcast a message quotas a career prosecutor i actually went after gangs and trans national criminal organizations that's being a leader on public safety what is not is ripping babies from their mothers tweeted harris who was also before she became a senator she was california's attorney general harris said last week she wants to see a reorganization at the immigration agency quote we need to probably be thinking about starting from scratch because there's a lot that is wrong with the way that is that it is conducting himself starting from scratch is not tweaking i i would say once again to the person who wrote the lead at the daily news not tweaking at all reorganizing scra starting from scratch and you know of course we we heard the sound from elizabeth warren so what is this specifically she said again christian quickly play that again because i can't remember what she said what she would replace her macho is replace ice yes immigration system from with something that respects something that reflects our morality blah blah blah so you top to bottom replacing top to bottom means to me abolishing basically and replacing it with something else is kind of the way it goes when you replace something top to bottom you're completely changing it so she's joined the crowd the of course the abolish ice bumper sticker you've probably seen that around now there's a lot of democrats finally have hit on an issue that can sit on a bumper sticker as kevin frank just said but want wanna get your views on the six one seven eight six five six three three three three three three nine says how how 'bout we get rid of war and instead of ice five await says what is wars plan if she gets rid of ice that's a good question replace it with something that reflects our morality i don't think warren has gotten down into the weeds on that yet but she basically said that there's a whole list of democrats who want to abolish is more democrats joined the growing list of names who want to abolish ice alexandria occasional cortez is the new hot celebrity democratic candidate running for congress in new york she ran on a she actually ran on a platform of abolishing ice and so far more in of course now she did it and she was successful because she beat this this long running state representative joe crowley in new york so because she was successful now everybody's jumping on the bandwagon representative mark po can of wisconsin said he would introduce legislation that would dismantle ice and create a commission to provide recommendations to congress on how the government can implement a quote humane immigration enforcement system so no one's really talking details the issue comes after the trump administration zero tolerance policy which referred all people who crossed the border illegally for criminal prosecution on top of immigration proceedings as a result of enforcing that policy parents and children were separate we're separated that was since changed by reverse by president trump but nobody seems to know what to do with all the people that are coming here and crossing the border illegally the white house says i mentioned tweeted at warren and kamala harris here's some other lawmakers say here's a list of other lawmakers who have said they want to abolish agency kirsten gillibrand of new york quote i don't think ice today's working as intended i believe that it's become a deportations force and i think you should separate the criminal justice from the immigration issues so she wants to have it go back to just being the ins this is before the immigration sort of was merged with homeland security she wants to go back to just being an immigration issue i don't know what she means by it's become a deportation force of course elizabeth warren we heard her comments on facebook on saturday warren wrote also the president quote the president's deeply immoral actions have made it obvious that we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom starting by replacing ice with something that reflects our values as far as i know that's as deep as warren has gotten into it by saying something that reflects our values which of course is a completely generic way of saying she has no plan to really replace earl blumenauer of oregon quote we should be prioritizing the production of families the protection of.

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