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Better half is nine years younger than me. And if there's any bit of grain or any bit of boldness to it, I just cannot get her to take it. Yeah. Yeah, he He fell right asleep, and we're getting to the good part because there's there's a lot of exposition because I'm just focusing on the Nicolette Sheridan years when Paige Matheson came because I love Nicolette I'm is gay as a love boat Reunion party, but I would totally I would totally grab a bat and ball and play for the other team for for Nicolette Sheridan. Now, even now, look, you know there are rumors. She's a pill, You know Mark, there was a lawsuit with Desperate Housewives. People say she even knots landing stars, and that's one of Actually there's a great story that I will go deep on in our brand new segment in the down the rabbit hole. There is a hysterical story about a photo shoot that went bonkers involving Nicolette shared and when she was young and thought a lot of herself anyway, Anyway, that's a future one. But, um, anyway, knots landing, which is a special Dallas. Thank you. But Colin fell asleep, So I think the experiment's over. I I believe and we were just done. We're just getting to the good seasons, and it has he watched all of Dallas with you. Um, no. Okay. I just wanted because which characters went two knots landing. Knots landing. It was Gary Jr and Bobby's brother Gary. The alcoholic. Um Yes. So again again. We'll go deep on this. It'll, you know, one of one of my new in the rabbit hole. But as Alexis said, you know, the TV fun fact is If everyone says not landing's, a spinoff of Dallas. It's actually the other way around of the true story is Alexis Noses. They pitch knots, landing first. That's based on old Ingrid Bergman movie on Brother movie called scenes from a marriage and they went into CBS and they said, Hey, we want to do this show about this cold the sack. And different marriages. You know, like a marriage in turmoil. A stable couple. Ah, young couple on DSI Bs liked it, but they're like, you know what if we're gonna do this Let's go have let's if we're gonna do a soap. Ask thing. Let's do something glitzier and with more character like a saga, they said Saga and David Jacobs, who created Dallas immediately thought of the James Dean movie giant. And was like, Huh? Huh? And they come in. They came up with Dallas and then when Dallas became a hit As networks do project on and dirty Year. 14 when, when something works. Yep, when we have it into the ground when something works. Bosses drive it, Drive it right right until the car runs out of gas, the network. They wanted anything Dallas related, and they went back to David and said, Hey, What about that show about the coldest sack? Can you make that? A spinoff of Dallas and David Jacobs said. Well, actually, we can make one of the couples this black sheep Ewing brother. Thus knots landing was born. So there we go. Little piece of TV history for you down. Did Collins say that it was because of the content or was he just tired? Yeah, For the sake of the show. I would love to tell you that it was not landing, but I think he was just tired. But I was I was I was laughing hysterically because it was day one of this, and he fell asleep. And I thought to myself the radio gods are shining on me because this makes a great story for the show. But then, but I was bombed because if I I'm being really serious, and I don't know if he knows I? It means so much to me like you don't know the job. I really mean this. You do not know the joy because these two shows air like I'm not joking. I like these. I like Dallas and knots landing Maura than 17% of my relatives. And I on for him to watch this with me on toe. Hopefully, even like the characters like I do. Um, because again, I hate to say it, but not is a better show than Dallas. Um, made means the world So it did kind of crack me up that he fell asleep on day one, but it wasn't his fault. He really was tired it along. So is this gonna go both ways, Jason? Is she going to be able to throw some shows that you Yeah, just watching. I don't know. He I told him this actually started. And maybe all of you out there in radio land, you know there. I told you about this article that I read in the times that said, all of us are watching old shows in mass. I mean, that's all that we're watching because it's taking us back to simpler times. Is the world just sucks Bananas right now. House. Exactly. No, I'm not getting a beautiful house. Um, you know, he went T J F, but no, we can't stand a show. But it started as a conversation of Hey, Why don't you Why don't we watch a show that you loved that I've never seen and then You'll watch a show that I love and he watched the new Dallas with me so Dallas would have been like whatever but not because again, it's better, and I actually think he'll like the characters. Um, I pick not. I'm TBD on what he's going to make me watch Watch. I don't know. I don't know what he maybe he did. Was he into? Well, he's here. I mean, he Oh, no, He's younger than you, but I don't know your siblings. I I don't know what he's going to choose. But I don't know Prince saved by the bell. No, that was no zealous locks. That's Morris. But I don't know, but it just may be out there in radio land. If you're looking for an idea, Empire Slayer? No, I didn't like that either. So anyway, it's just a good idea. Maybe if you're looking for something, you know a nice little challenge, especially if there's a generational divide like there is in my marriage. Um, it's uh, you know, just saying this is a little bit of one, but just thinking this little bit one. Um it's a It's a fun thing, but no, it was. I just cracked up. I'm like, Oh, thank you for following you See, Colin, it'll fill 171 of the show. Oh, yeah. I want to see your list of which not landing episodes to watch because each season is like 45 episodes. Oh, God, I am seriously And how many There's like What? 14 seasons? Wow. God, I love you. I could cry. You, you know you nailed it. No, Listen, I listen. You know if you could tell me how many episodes Because I run that commercial in our classic commercials, I'll be really impressed. How many guests? How many episodes? How many episodes total total. But see 2014 seasons. Yep. And then what? 20 Week. Kenny, how many episodes are generally 28 28 OK, 2014 392. Here we go. After.

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