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Welcome to Hollywood unscripted. I'm your host. Got To Lalla the Malibu Film Society. It's our New Year's Eve episode and for that we have a very special special guest. He's produced and written more than a dozen feature length documentaries which have collectively won one primetime emmy and been nominated for four others plus one academy award. He's he's also written three books. One of which seems like the ideal selection to talk about on New Year's eve of all the GIN joints stumbling through Hollywood history. Mark Bailey. Welcome welcome to Hollywood unscripted. Thank Scott thanks for having me. Let's talk about the book. What inspired you to write of all the GIN joints? This is sort of a follow up to an initial book. DOC which was a book about hard-drinking writers and that I did as I did this with my partner at Hemingway who's an illustrator and the name is not a coincidence. He is the youngest grandson of Ernest. He is I think that the first idea for the book came from him and was born out of that sort of family circumstance. He had this idea about his grandfather end. Father and writing about well known highly regarded hard-drinking writers that was called Hemingway in Bailey's bartending guide to great American writers. It was a great book to to work on. It had a lot of cocktail recipes and they were sort of from the classic era and these writers were Eugene. O'Neill and William Faulkner Scott Fitzgerald and the stories were wild in cast back to a different era where there was a different social norm Anna Different Code of behaviour and we tend to look back and think that the pass was somehow more innocent or pure but it was really anything but that in so then that book came out and did pretty well and we were looking to follow up with another book walk in. We thought well you know how about Hollywood and it happened that after we sold that book I moved out here and wrote the book out here and he illustrated at back in New York uh-huh and we sort of worked together across the country so that was how the book came to be and it follows the same format. I mean. It's a delightful mix of these incredible stories and cocktail recipes recipes. The first book was a little bit more of a bartending guide. In this the subtitle is stumbling through Hollywood history and I like to think of it as sort of social film film history through the bottom of a whiskey glass. That's great description. It really seems like that of the writing is tremendous I absolutely love your storytelling. Oh thank you. We'll come back to the questions in a minute but one of the stories with us. Sure I think that I'll kick it off with a story about Humphrey bogart since it's the Humphrey Bogart line. That is the title title of the Book of all the GIN joints and the way. The book is designed and built around anecdotes. Rabat different stars so this is about. I'm free Bogart in. It always leads off with a quote. The bogart guard quote is the whole world is about three drinks behind me. The other bogart quote that I really like and it was a bit of a toss up. We're BOGART's last words. which were supposedly? I should never never have switched from Scotch to Martinis so if you're thinking of doing that this new years. I don't know bogart would argue. Otherwise so here's a story about Humphrey Bogart. It wasn't a joke but it damn well should have been certainly began like one so Humphrey bogart walks into to a bar with two stuffed. Panda Bogart was by then in September. Nineteen forty nine the biggest movie star in the world and he was out in New York with an old drinking buddy named L. Semen they'd been carousing since early. The two of them in bogies wife Lauren. Bacall but she'd gone back to the hotel hours ago. After Mrs Bogart left the men found themselves themselves in need of a standard that might scare off would be home records and drunk. Somehow it emerged that a nearby delicatessen sold a historically random nonfood item as delicatessens have a way of doing stuffed pandas. Not just any stuffed pandas. Mind you each of these weighed in at more than twenty pounds in set you back twenty five bucks a pop perfect bogart. Semen bought a couple of pandas and hopped a cab to Morocco. Were they requested a table for four two seats for them to for their there date seated in that was supposed to be the end of it. Getting seated with two panda's unfortunately for Bogart the real end would take four days to arrive in. It wouldn't be over for drinks with his friends. It'd be in court. Here's the thing. Bogert was a gregarious man with a keen sense of humor but he was only comfortable among friends and his social circle. Go with tight knit. The rat pack later so closely associated with Frank Sinatra was in fact bogart's creation with Bogart at the center. The mission of the group Bogart said Ed was quote. The relief of boredom in the perpetuation of independent bacall was a member of course so Sinatra. Judy Garland Spencer Tracy talent. Alan pagent Irving Lazar. There were all part of the original RATPAC. You might see them out at Romanoff's or on rare occasions in Las Vegas drinking and carrying on but if you weren't part of the pack you're an outsider and you weren't welcome which brings us back to the Pandit if you were to spy Bogart at a nightclub. In the wee hours of the morning propping up an oversized stuffed animal. You might think that it was a not so subtle message about the company he preferred to keep in. If you knew anything about bogert which you might since he was more or less the biggest star in the world. You wouldn't consider yourself in on the joke. But a young model name Robin Roberts thought she was special as young models often do she approached Bogart's table on our way out out laughed and picked up one of the panels in Bogart. Given the number of drinks he had put away by. This point happened to be feeling very protective of this panda. So he naturally pulled the panda close to him and told me his Roberts to leave him alone for he was a married man and then the woman fell over. She said he shoved her. He said she lost her balance. Four days later he was is in a Manhattan courtroom facing legal action. The panda fiasco immediately hit the tabloids with Bogart protesting his innocence. Every step of the way one reporter asked OPTIMA feet struck Ms Roberts. He said he would never hit a woman there too. Dangerous another reporter asked if he was drunk at the time of the incident he replied. Isn't everyone at four. AM fortunately for Bogart. Judge presiding over the case founded as ridiculous as heated. Throwing it out after the first hearing it turns out being left alone. And when you're the biggest star in the world requires a lot of people that's great. I remember doing research on Humphrey Bogart when we were celebrating the seventy fifth anniversary of Casablanca which is a remarkable film in so far as almost none of the people who made it originally scheduled to make it and they were all brought in after changes and they started shooting before the end of the movie had been written right? Do you know who Humphrey Bogart was in real alive. And what his background was he was a preppie or prep school kid. His Dad was the most prominent obstetrician gynecologist in New New York. His mother illustrated children's books and had studied under Whistler. It is interesting that in a certain way not surprising. Because Bogart is I understand. At least the studios were looking for his persona for a while before he became the Bogart that we know of Casablanca. The Maltese Falcon or The hardboiled oiled bogart. He laid villains. He played sort of altogether different types and then he kind of got traction with the hard edge right but that didn't necessarily surly speak to who he was. And this is one of the things I think in this book and when you look earlier actors like John Gilbert in later actors maybe like Dennis Hopper. Let's let's hair. You know where the roles or the persona bleeds into real life. The presumption offscreen is that you're much like the type that you play on screen and he began to live at a bit more Brian. So if you're wild and out there and Edgy onscreen you take that into your personal life and you kind of see that happening a lot with different actors. The other part is there are guys. He's like Lee. Marvin who's a big world war two hero and you know stormed over twenty beachheads. Seems like he genuinely was a stone. Cold Bad ASS US in. That is who he played right. Mitchum was a kid in the depression riding the rails at age fourteen on his own ruin. Mitchum was a hard tough guy. Hi that is who he played. You know it's remarkable to me that the onscreen Bogart was a hundred eighty degrees from who he started out as offscreen. I have a funny when I could read. Yeah I mean just since you're talking about Casablanca Casablanca. It seems crazy that you say that particularly that they were in production before the script was done because it seems like such a tight film and when you wonder how these giant hugely finance movies go pear-shaped and who let at that happen. I often think it's sort of as the rush into production and you're trying to accommodate actors schedules and you have them in. You have to go in. The script is and ready and then it comes atom model. But let me read you one. This is beat the devil which is a nineteen fifty three John Huston film than he did with Bogart. One of the things that the book has is we also talk about a number of different film sets that were particularly wild or dysfunctional. And this one taps into some of that and has some fun folks John. Houston's beat the devil with a total disaster almost from the start maybe a total disaster is a little strong since by some miracle. Nobody actually ended up dead the film directed by Houston Featuring Humphrey Bogart Jennifer Jones. Peter Lorre in Gina. Lollobrigida was to be shot largely on location and in a little town called Ravelo in Italy a picturesque mountain village. That's high up on the Amalfi coast. There were some early warning signs. I The sexy Italian. An actress Lollobrigida had never been in an English speaking film before this most likely was because she could barely speak English like not almost second traveling traveling Inter Avello the Italian chauffeur driving Houston and Bogart got into a car accident. John Huston was fine but bogert was pitched forward cracking some teeth in badly gouging his tongue so even before shooting commenced the female lead couldn't speak English in the male lead. Couldn't speak at all in third to complicate things even further further. Neither Lollobrigida nor bogart nor the rest of the cast had yet to see any of their lines. The reason being that Houston had thrown a party the weekend before for the start of principal photography during which he tore up the entire script. It was tearing up the script party. Apparently the original draft had run into trouble with the the motion picture production code and nobody liked it very much anyways Houston decided to fly novelist Truman capote over to Italy to write the new script on a day-to-day basis as they shot capote would work through the night in pages would be handed out to the cast in the morning. lollobrigida would learn her lines. Phonetically bogart art until his mouth. Healed would mime his lines. which would later be dubbed conceivably could've worked had only the cast and crew not decided to embark on a bender of legendary very proportions capote cozy as Bogart had begun to finally call him soon began to feel that bogert in Houston? We're trying to kill him with their dissipation. He described everyone is half drunk all day. Dead drunk all night noting that once believe it or not. I came around at six in the morning to find king for Ruch doing the Hula Hula. In the middle of BOGART's bedroom it seemed Houston had not created a very productive work environment in Yiddish folktales. The Russian city of how is depicted as a city of Fools Fools Jennifer Jones character and beat the devil.

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