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Was named Mrs Gwendolyn home and insiders Wync some believe at what the production had become. Certainly Houston seems self-aware. In an interview years later he would say it was a bit of a travesty. We were making fun of ourselves. Some critics would see. The picture is one of the first examples examples of camp arguing that Houston Bogart were hell bent on parodying. The Newark classics the Maltese Falcon Key. Largo like that. These were classics. What's that they themselves had crafted? But that didn't mean that the mayhem wasn't real both Houston and Capote tell a story about bogert arm-wrestling all comers in the lobby of the Hotel Hotel Palumbo. He even challenged Little Kaposi wavering. Five dollars astonishingly capote up to fifty dollars and then actually beat bogart rather effortlessly fleet. Pushing his arm flat. Everyone was wide. I'd I'd like to see you do that. Just one more time. Bogart said double or nothing but again capote pushed his arm down then then once more bogart losing a total of one hundred and fifty dollars not having it pogue are started to wrestle around with the writer whom Houston now considered a little bulldog of a man and in here again capote somehow managed to trip bogart flipping the hardboiled screen legend onto his ass and in the process hurting bogart's elbow so badly that they had to stop production for three days. Houston we have a problem to borrow a phrase from the production cinematographer Oswald Morris. In Fact Morris himself tells another story of being accent fetch. Houston early one morning only to get a strong whiff of smoke as he approached Houston's room it seemed the bottom half of the bedroom door from the doorknob to the floor was red hot hash. The door was cracked. Open enough for Morris to slip inside where he found. The director crashed out on the bed. Empty Bottles of Jack Daniels. A couple of Sudi ash trays trays and script pages littering the floor. Apparently an electric room heater had been pushed too close to the door and was about to set the room ablaze. Morris reached out and took Houston Shoulder. John it's Ozzy a muffled houses. Boy John Your bedroom doors alight silence then again John Your bedroom doors alight and then only Oh oh how I love. The smell of burning wood has houston rolled over and went back to sleep but in the end the film was finished. Nobody had died. BOGART would go on to the CAINE mutiny in Houston would spend another thirty years. Directing films. beat the devil however would be both a commercial and a critical flop but then over time that two would change and it is now considered something of a cult classic as for those lines of Bogart's the ones to later be dubbed. This was done during post production at England's shepherd and studios a a young British actor was hired to provide bogart's voice a remarkable mimic his name. Peter sellars at last professional comedian..

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