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Lastly. I know we've already talked about Jagmeet Singh but let's go back. I am sure for Heen la- canning a young Pakistani woman from Toronto talked about how much she appreciates seeing saying person of color in this leadership role but but she wasn't sure if he had what it takes to be prime minister she was concerned with troubles. He has had galvanizing his own party. I was so impressed with Farhan gene. She was amazing We've seen a high attrition rates a lot of MP's have not come back to run and we've seen that in the lower poll numbers so how can I feel confident in your leadership leadership that you'll be able to represent me that you'd be able to represent all Canadians and execute on the vision that you've set out I believe in Canadians wanting some of that's on their side right and I think that they've seen for too long governments in Ottawa whether they've been liberal or Conservative have been more focused on helping out the very wealthy as the people at the top and it's hurt families and so what I'm about is not working for the rich. I don't work for them. I worked for people. What were you thinking. When you heard that response well for for impressed me as well. I thought she sounded like a journalist and I feared for my job really quite a few. I'm like Oh. She's an investment banker. I can't do her job. I think that is I think that is a real concern that fourteen gene voiced around Jagmeet Singh because he is not super well known in the rest of the country because he did not have the easiest ride and getting to this election for for all the reasons that she mentioned and because he has demonstrated moments of leadership when called upon to do so. I'm thinking particularly if the black face incident which was a moment of leadership for him. I want you to know that you have value you have worth in you are loved and I I don't want you to give off when Canada and please give up on yourself but he has not probably demonstrated to Canadian leadership would look like a prime minister right and I think that's what she was trying to to get. There and I don't think she got a real answer. Okay she also pressed him on the secularism law in Quebec that prevents some public service workers from wearing wearing religious symbols and why he hadn't taken a stronger action against that it struck me that seeing previously in the conversation talked about how you would stand up to donald trump because it was nothing to do. He talked about how he would end armored vehicle deals with Saudi Arabia because it was the right thing to do. You picked up on this as well but he doesn't seem to want to interfere with what's happening happening in Quebec from a legal standpoint. I'm sure there's the federal government can do something to influence that Bill Twenty one yes so right now. There's a court challenge going on that court. Challenge is very important. I support the right to challenge it in court and that decision is going to be very important. I don't want to interfere with that decision. And what are your thoughts on that. I think it I think it's difficult difficult position. because Mr Sing wears a turban and carries a Kirpan. It is a much more complicated position for him than it is for the other party leaders and that I I understand is not fair he said you know it's not right. It's discriminatory. It's hurtful. All those things what I WANNA do is I want to win over the hearts and minds of people. I'm I'm going to Quebec regularly. I'm going on TV regularly every question I get when I go to a scrum or when I interviewed in Quebec is about bill twenty one but at the same time you're not GonNa Convince people to overturn legislation. It's there the majority of quebeckers like it so what would he be willing to do new based on his principles if he were prime minister and it sounds like the answer right now is not a whole lot right definitely gonna wait what happens back and is that because he has us seats in Quebec and he is worried about losing all of them. Maybe.

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