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Oh who there's no dill. It's lil oh baby's name <hes> there's t- tony tatami tommy's the main character but even even younger one right now. Yes there is in the newer ones. Those don't exist in my mind. Oh okay so it's tommy okay chucky cherokee. There's an jelica there's fill and then there's a little chinese girl comes into ah yes. She's in there somewhere. That's who that's who tommy likes. It's chuck he's stepsister. Maybe okay yeah but then they there's a baby yeah it gets it gets weirder as the show goes on but here's the thing one of the last oh that's tommy pickles tommy pickles yeah it does it does make me hungry for pickles. I like tommy. Tommy was cool he he. He's scared the crap out of me. He knew how to use a scrooge <unk> girish to open up his gate and that's pretty smart baby. That is pretty smart. He's scare the crap out of me <hes> angelica no one will ever name their child angelica l. a. because that girl has ruined it for everyone. It was supposed to sound like they were saying aunt. Jelica they do say that angelica they say angelica okay <hes> what they should have called her was aunt demon her demeanor de manar aunt demon. Lady aunt can't demon girl because she was the snitch. She was the stitch. She's always getting them in trouble. She wasn't a snitch as much as she was like brad just a brat and and mean as he never got in trouble because she related to any of them <hes>. She was somehow related to tommy. If i remember cousins or something and chuck he he was my boy. I d like chucky chucky was me i am tricky. I can see that <hes> he had glasses like media. He had <hes> nasal. The problem is problems yeah. He was afraid i was afraid. I am afraid <hes> lots of lots of similarities okay what we're all their parents parents always doing <hes> party of their oh. I was gonna say having a bible study in the party and okay yeah. I think there's like some beer. Oh really yeah <hes> yes. Actually i do think that they called it soda but it's beer okay. They got drunk and stuff. I didn't get drunk. I bet i i bet chunkys. Dad got wasted. Sometimes chunkys dad always remind me of ken to the so weird to think about that but i could see it. <hes> i like fill fill in lille's. Mom and dad were pretty chill and cool. Yeah me of my neighbors okay for some reason. I didn't like tommy's parents so what made rugrats good. I'm not sure but it was interesting and i had a good theme song that everybody knows now i was i was watching or watching. I was looking up. Nickelodeon shows day like how people rank them in what night you doing. My research and rugrats is usually towards the top yet regrets. I don't know what made it good though do i really don't like you at the best. Part of rugrats is the dinosaur. Oh yeah reptile up tari. Mike always remind me of kings island. Oh yeah up our railroad hers or rare actually all i i i missed when when snoopy land was nickelodeon stuff nickelodeon. That was the best nickelodeon land. That was the best all right. Hey i know we talk about something for move on. I remembered this week..

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