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Room JoAnne Bauer Phoenix police department says. The Twenty-seven-year-old officer who. Was shot too tempting to make. A traffic stop last night is in critical but stable condition the two year veteran was reportedly Shaughnessy. Approached a car then police say, the forty one year old. Suspect dot out of the car and continued shooting. The officer was able, to return fire, both men for critically injured. The Phoenix police department is on a record, pace of officer involved shootings. Five fifty KFYI's Paul, says, it's working to figure out. What's going on researchers from the national police found Will be in town. Next week gathering data to, help Phoenix PD brass dig into what's driving the uptick in officer involved shootings chief Jerry Williams says it's important for us. To get to the root of this problem, for being, proactive we're, being progressive and we're really trying to make sure we provide those training opportunities for officers to that point to also being transparent with the community police union leaders are. Not happy about the one hundred fifty thousand dollars study they feel it could harm morale and shift blame. For the shootings toward officers Greg Paul fifty. KFYI news Greg valley man is facing a list of. Charges for allegedly exchanging sexual photos with an underage autistic girl police linked the conversation to thirty. Two year old Joseph Hora who is a registered sex offender living. In Chandler the jury in the Paul Manafort trial will resume deliberations Monday, after breaking for. The weekend, they're deciding the fate of President Trump's former campaign chairman who's also accused of Eighteen counts of Bank and tax fraud well there must be something in the water sixteen nurses in.

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