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Welcome back the swarming crowds on Memorial Day weekend. Made it clear that people are in a rush to get back to normal? So right now, one of the leading voices on the corona virus is here with a reality check about the risks of opening or reopening the country please welcome infectious disease expert and author of deadliest enemy our war against killer germs Dr. Michael. oester home. So. First of all welcome Abusir back in two thousand five you like many. Folks like yourself scientists people who are looking. said a pandemic like this one was going to come and that time was running out and that we needed to prepare for it. So now that we didn't prepare and the grim milestone of one, hundred, thousand deaths in the US has happened. Is there any end in sight or are we going to be living with corona virus for a long time? I. WanNa. Thank you for having me. Let me just say to put this into perspective were not for the second of the night indicate, and that's an important concept. Keep in mind if we talk about being prepared or get respond about five percent of the US. Population Day have been infected with this virus some areas like New York City naturally higher across the board about five percent. This fighters will not slow announced France motion intelligence about sixty or seventy percent of the population infected in developing some immunity or we get back vaccine that had published that same year seventy percent. So we have to understand with all the pain all it suffering Dow. And Economic Disruption we've had to date were just beginning with this. We have understand this is going to be many many more months what we have to deal with. Dr All fifty states have reopened at least partially at this point, and now the number of new cases are on the rise in approximately seventeen states, which is concerning but yesterday Dr Fao g sounded pretty optimistic and said that a second wave in the fall is not necessarily an inevitability. Do you agree with that? Are Sooner put out a document several weeks ago, looking at general scenario from that five to sixty or seventy percent level on how that might occur. This is a grow buyer is not a flu virus, which is the past experience we've had. been largely around flu. So. In a sense, we're not sure how do that sure has economic within virus today and in those that document we have three different scenarios might have it was Akwa. Virus again with no experience, maybe it'll just be hostile ican ballot of this kind of what we're seeing right now is happening where we see hotspots like we're seeing in south. America right now in Africa. Some areas of the United States or maybe just what I would call basically a slow burn where it just doesn't go away but it just stayed. Third option is the one that concerned very much and that's why I'm we're based on historic data for ood pandemic. We see I lay off last two or three months geographically it's the spurs but not heavy in any one area. Occasionally, one city might have more cases than another and then it goes away literally those Dharma we don't know why we don't know. What happens to it and we go through two or three months quiet everyone thinks how we won and then it comes back with a vengeance in that second way as what happened in the eighteen and so we far right now in uncharted earthly, he don't know what's going to happen I worry if we suddenly saw the decrease faces that would action signal maybe Wires that may sound power intuitive I don't like cases. People to get sick or die but I surely don't want to see. It looked like a flu virus experience because that the devastating come late summer early fall. Doctor, we saw the crowds gathering at pack beaches, pools, this Memorial Day weekend, no mass, no social distancing people from the now infamous party at the lake of the ozarks have been asked to voluntarily self quarantine for fourteen days. But still how far back does this type of behavior set us I know I've been very concerned about the the behavior of so many people who don't seem to realize just how deadly this disease can be. Really doubted in perspective we have to understand that in fact. Nothing has done what the viruses done since nineteen eight. And if you look back, you'll see that eighty five days ago. This conceive without even the top seventy five. Last month a number of days it was the number one hundred. Per Mad so you're right. This is a huge issue. The challenge we have is we're going to be an old trade see Matz our more how we gonNA respond we can't be in lockdown. What we actually out what does people high risk? I'm happy to report that they're very little evidence and outdoors activities posted anywhere near the same was indoor activities so that somehow we can't lockdown for eighteen months. We can't the same time with this from Willy Nilly. So we're all trying to figure out how do we help guide? Through this and and I worry about seeing March balance together. Right now, I would also were if I saw out in the case of started route because it would go to the point that I just made split. Fires. And so we're on shared surgeries in. We've gotTA figure it out and we can't accept the fact that this guy go away. It's not. Yeah, that's very important and today news came out that six feet may not even be enough to stop. Enough distance to stop the transmission of that virus. What are your thoughts on that? I actually agree our center has. been promoting this issue of protecting yourself as the key measure that we all can accept. The check. Assam. Degrade five of business in Texas but we can protect ourselves. This libraries has a very major component of transmission called Aerosol. Every time I speak I'm taking little hundreds of thousands of little tiny microscopic drop they're coming out of my mouth until in this world if you want know Mirasol looks like think about the last time you saw the subway I mean your house and you looked in that sun being all my I would thus be house those are floating of same things go into a department. Store. Your four miles away and smell perfume that's an aerosol. Every time we sweet that happens if you're in my office serve me right now in these speaking for a couple of minutes early air assaults here. So it is more than sixty however the closer you are someone and the further away get the risk dropshots fanshawe an outdoors is much less than it is indoors where there are the virus stays in rooms and it's only changed with the chain of doors of win of the movement air itself with disobeyed. quickly. That's why being or right now is one of the safest place to be. Well. 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