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Beautiful Belmont Park eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six do we have a month so with us all right well let's head out to Dix hills it's Harvey it's the fans what's going on already hi mark how you been good how are you doing have you been man doing great you know you know what I do for a living and I've been in the middle of it so have a lot of respect for my colleagues what we've done so all my god you guys have been amazing I only made all my calls in administrators we busted our arms and to break this thing so we don't want to go home and I have a lot of respect for my colleagues and I I work my you know what off so I'm sure Harvey well we appreciate everything that everybody on the front line has done during this global pandemic and and they deserve more than just the tip of the cap and and all the accolades that come your way you guys have been really a relic let me get a little therapy usually I love to talk you know I have the time problem but you know I I know you go to all the trouble you want so if you go to most of the phone lines I know you because I do yeah I remember that I I went to all of them leading up to American Pharoah my my my first one was real quiet with member Lewis was the owner of this army was a jockey yeah and then I and I didn't meet him you know after the race which are run down by victory gallop with Gary Stevens aboard right right in the one that I can say about this race I mean I'm used to the Kentucky Derby and I try to follow the three races twenty twenty horses in a race in the Kentucky Derby none of whom I know and now we're down to like to me it's like the Preakness within hours of the race so and thank god there's no rain the rain is always a complicated thing so but I like you know I like the connection with the with funny cide I know my wife Laura you know file goes with me honey I love you we love the name funny cide and he almost won the Triple Crown an excellent Barclay tag again and all other things so I am totally lost I think with empire maker that there is a real five Bobby Frankel god rest his soul junk bond formed part maker in the slop at Belmont Park in remembering that week Barclay tag as I was restoring the virtues of Barclay Tagg the week the week leading into the Belmont forty side had a an unbelievably quick work that people still criticise to this day but he got run down by you know very very talented a very very talented colt and empire maker it's one thing to do ever since it's apparently was an article there are you don't remember reading this that was I think it's it's Max players as you can and if you're a fan you can actually buy Sharon I think up to a twenty five thousand dollars or something I've never I've never seen that before also the interest about the no I don't mean to be sexist about about three Linda rise so should be the first trainer I think he was the first female trainer right yeah and the first female jockey to win a Triple Crown race also help in the Belmont Park area afterwards and I was Julie krone board colonial affair but I want to answer question about could you and I had discussions about this I want to talk about Santa and either and you know the you know what I'm talking about it's in California yes the it's a great day but what one thing that I was interested because they were the the time I I remember discussing that significantly lower catastrophic injuries with synthetic surface and I actually spoke to one of the trainers and I and I love the guys I'm not gonna mention them he said quote I don't want to put anything on the track that I would use in my attic all right but there was a significant number of and yet and then they took all the synthetic surface out of California what do you think about this even though the turf did the third verse is the synthetic surface road what was the conclusion your opinions because I know you're a big respect yeah and hearty thanks a lot for the call number one I I I think it's a complicated issue when you look at catastrophic injuries in thoroughbred racing number one is I I think it's inherent in the sport I don't think you can completely make the sport one hundred percent safe whether it be during the course of a race or whether it be training deaths early in the morning so that's number one number two I do think the the dirt surface it can be just as safe as a synthetic surface whether pizza pizza or take your pick there are number ones that are used to all across the world I think they can be just as safe if and here's the big problem we have in thoroughbred racing there's no governing body number one number two is when you have tracks that drop the bottom and what I mean by that is you drop the claiming ranks in the claiming price any of horses that are still running that shouldn't be running unfortunately they're not every trainer out there is a great horseman is thinking about the trainers have a horse's health is thinking about other things I think drugs have been a huge issue in thoroughbred racing as well I think there needs to be an issue about cleaning up the sport there are certain things that certainly horses do you need but there are others as we've seen here and very negative headlines with thoroughbred racing that we're trainers are using certain drugs to get better performances out horses so there's a lot that go into catastrophic injuries on the track but the numbers that we have seen over the last twelve to eighteen months have certainly been alarming there's no question about that all right let's walk aboard right now Brian Manzo my podcast partner who we put out a podcast that we did breaking down today's Belmont court thank god Alexandra got home in the diaper in the last response good afternoon brother how are you I would rather have a portrait in finish last for months amid Keefe monster game one loser after another this afternoon hemorrhaging money if I could do the exact of the last two finisher retired today our minds give us your feel I you know I I'm not tempted to win the track is certainly pay to play in the front runners have a healthy respect for this is the law he is out of four to five favorite as we speak with all the money pouring in on and how do you think this race plays out so that was actually spoke to seven on seven shows more innocent working here watches her track by any president if you're on the third you're going to believe you're basically turning for home loans order you saw what you mean it is two races back although he's a very talented so early so if it happens to wind out of the.

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