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We're back back on the John Phillip show, John is on vacation and Kurt Schlichter. I'll be sitting in all week from 12 to 1 here on 7 90 kbc at one o'clock, You get to Ah, here Randy Wang and the doctor our with doctor and band Hayworth, and that's going to be great. But right now I want to I want to go back to our our friend Carlos Antonio Baber Bone Montenegro. Who is alleged he is innocent until proven guilty. But he has been arrested and charged with massive voter fraud. Somewhat inept voter fraud. Apparently in the city of Hawthorne. Randy, I've done a little research on Mr Borbon Day Day, Borbon Montenegro and what I found is rather interesting. What did you find out about Carlos Antonio they Bourbon Montenegro. Um He's got about. Let's see 41 books. All of which you're about devil worship. Are you sure this is the same Carlos Antonio Day Bourbon Month in Agra? Well, look, there's clearly a lot of them. Parade. I want to make sure it's the same Carlos Antonio they per bond Montenegro. But you know this guy he's got an autobiography, The Devil's Garden. Um, Circus Day. Monica's Day. Borbon Montenegro Grimoire Libera dish, Eo on debt goes on like that. What the hell? Wait, Wait, wait. What the hell? Maybe that's where he got the inspiration to put fake names on ballots so he could run for mayor in the city of Hawthorne. By the way, we've been update to that story. So here's what happened back in August, Carlos Antonio that Bourbon Montenegro turned in paperwork to run for mayor in the city of Hawthorne. He turned in a sheet with 40 names, addresses and signatures on it. The city clerk on Lee qualified 18, and you need 20 to be able to run for mayor in the city of Hawthorne. Allegedly some of the names that were rejected were Amanda hug and Kiss. I need a bath. Maya, but reeks and Seymour Butts. Nice was huge ass on their You know what? They actually let that one slide. He actually is like, Hi. I'm huge on jazz. What's up? Yeah, well, I'm looking at this and it Z. Get all the pieces fit. But I'm wondering if your frankly if you've sold your soul to Satan Which he has allegedly has well, you know, it could be first of all, it doesn't seem like Satan's actually coming through on his end, which why would that be a surprise? It's Satan. But you know if you're going to get something Is the Meryl T of Hawthorne. Really worth your immortal soul? Yeah. If you're gonna make 1000 and bargain maybe you try to get more than 48 signatures to run for mayor of Hawthorne. Yeah, I'm looking. I don't know. I want to, you know, he'd have to throw in a car. Uh, maybe a nice condo. I mean, look, Mr Borbon Day Montenegro shoot for the stars. You're worse so much more. I got to tell you that I feel really bad for this guy Carlos Antonio de Bourbon Montenegro because you read between the lines here. What this is telling you is there are not 20 people. In the city of Hawthorne that like this guy enough to say he should run for mayor. He couldn't get those signatures honestly. That is kind of pathetic. You know you're walking around by You know, by Del Amo Mall and will not tell our mom all but the gallery. And You know? Hey, could you could you sign my thing? No. Mr Borbon Day Montenegro. People should be able to get 20 signatures based on friends and family alone. Look, I mean, if you've embraced Satan, are you really like Popular. I mean, doesn't that kind of disqualify you from having a wide and varied circle of friends? I need, you know if it's like, Hey, let's see if Carlos Antonio wants to. Ah, gladden penetrate. Nah, man, he's just gonna be talking about the Al's above the whole time. Just it's just a hassle. It is It's just really gets old. Surprisingly, there are no customer reviews for Carlos and Tony of the Bourbon Montenegro's book on Amazon. Um Yeah, Here's my question. And this is a philosophical question. If you write a book, and no one has ever read it. Did you actually write a book? Whoa! That's like heavy. Answer is to know I mean, it's just like And what possessed him to do this? You know, I needed it because I think we know what possessed him to do it. Thank you. Thank you. That's uh wow. The power of Christ compels you to run for mayor. Yeah, that's uh You know what was really disturbing is when he was addressing the City Council on he spun his head around 360 degrees freak freaked out the squares. You know, that's just It was odd. I'm just, you know. Imagine that you're Carlos Antonio Day, Borbon Montenegro. And you know you're probably living in your mom's based you got, you know, you actually sacrificial altar. There's kind of like a goat statue. And you're thinking No. What's my next step? And it's clearly it's politics. In the city of Hawthorne. Your blow getting 20 names to nominate you. No one will review your book, Randy. This guy needs a friend. Well, he really should just be paying attention to the road because as anyone who's ever been on the four or five freeway will tell you Once you get to the city on Hawthorne, there's that big sign for a M 7 90 k a. B C and he would have known that if he would have called in here he got he got 20 signatures easy. We gonna put his platform? Yeah. Yeah, you got you got a bench Shapiro there looming over the traffic drive conservatively. And it's like, why don't you listen? Look, I frankly, I think I think we had. I think we need to factor this guy over to Ben Shapiro. I think Ben Shapiro needs to conduct an intervention. Ben Ben is a. You know, I was been Shapiro's lawyer in some of his legal stuff, and I'll tell you, you know, Ben decide to take care of business. I think I think he could. Really. I think you could put this guy's life into turnaround here. Maybe some of the new direction I mean, once again, he is innocent till proven guilty. But, you know, after this legal unpleasantness is taking care of Well, it's the state of California. If he's convicted on all counts, that's he's alleged to have done. He'd be in prison, which says on paper 15 years, but that probably would be about 15 minutes. Yeah, there's a nonviolent crime. Yeah, it's also non effectual crime. I mean, I'm still trying to figure out how you can't manage to forge 20 signatures successfully..

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