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I can't remember the guy that played the the fourth quarter the third a second half. I'm sorry played the whole third and fourth so because i thought what in week four i thought they would have dobbs <hes> come out you know play the whole staff to actually put rudolph in for the two minute drill at the end of the first half and then rudolph play the whole second half so <hes> okay. I was just curious. I was not sure if this this was his first ever start actually like it that it's not so this is first home start because he was in green bay when he's here. We go there we go. The funny thing is is it to me that word that article for tomorrow what this is this guy made for for him. I think that this if he can show all in tomlin said it today in stadium play is more important than practice in so they asked him about rough makes mistakes. He throws some picks and practice. He said it's it's how he plays in a stadium compared to how he plays in practice so keep that in the back your mind the mazen fame club and that's this guy and this guy they're. They're very much excited all right so let's go with some questions asked the live chat for some q._n._a. We have some questions we're going to go rapid fire gentlemen. Are you ready. Let's let's do it okay. Do you think that zach gentry passes ub xavier grumble and the depth chart. I weak one dave. If you can block brian anthony davis yes. I think it's possible okay. I'm gonna say no. I augie does. I think he's going to make the team. I don't think he does night wolf. Ask who is the dark horse in the linebacker room to make the team. I think we all going to have maybe the same guests here but we'll go with. Dave i go ahead. He said in in which linebacker wind back from show. It's not not not either whether inside or outside just the linebacker okay because i think when it comes to linebackers they will keep nine. The question is will they go which one will have five in which one four i'm saying you're i think gilbert's gonna make the fifty three. That's probably the lowest guy down. I don't think sudden smith will because he's better off now not playing in the preseason so they no one would want him and they can put him on the practice squad to see what he could do. Next year brine nine first of all night wolf. I think he's really related to me because i see his sarcasm on the live chat so he might be my long lost son. I don't know <hes> but i'm gonna go with my guy along skipper right now. He looks like he's v as an outside linebacker but he he's he looks like he's the real deal okay. I can't disagree next question. Should the steelers move some backup off of lying pieces to other teams for potential draft picks..

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