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Build, good. Hello once again. Thank you for joining us on this. The space nuts podcast episode two hundred nine. My name is Andrew Dunkley and with me as always is professor. Fred Watson Astronomer Lodge afraid. Lure Andrew, how're you doing? I'm quite well sir. How are you quite well to? Laura Sims, doesn't it and so we can? Go something much more to say. But we carry on regardless and there's plenty to talk about again this week. Including an update on the styling satellite program. A planet discovered by the University of southern Queensland but it's more about how they did it than the discovery itself. That's interesting, and we get a full up a story that seems to be doing the rounds collision between two Black Hulls that looks to have created an explosion of light. That sounds rather spectacular. Will also tackle some audience questions about except planets and this. This one fascinates me. I hope you've done your homework. Quack, matter and stars. I. Thought. That was the stuff of myth, but we'll find out but that's all coming up. We'll start off. Fred with a look at the styling. Satellite Program is an update day. This is I think it is the certainly the tenth launch off starring satellites, which takes the total up to something like six hundred sounds delights in orbit of course. This is the issue that is got astronomers. Hot under under the color all over the world, both professional and amateur, because of the amount of light these spacecraft. Reflect back from the sun and. SPACEX have come to the party on this they have. been very concerned that that's the case, and so they looked town to mitigate this and I think I'm right in saying that this the whole trench of an a believe it was fifty seven. Spacecraft will launch with probably some other payloads in as well as a fifty seven of the styling centralize, but this whole trench of them now employ uses what's. What SPACEX is calling well. The cooler satellites visor sat because they'd go to visor assum visor..

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