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Thought he was older than I thought he was older than that. So he's a real baby was a baby. Yeah he is in the movie. His character is the chancery character. The idol maker. I have talked about this movie for years and years and years. I don't know if anybody can even find this movie anymore. You seen at the. It's really really good and really liked it. So that's Fabian Forte. That was this was doing. What now That's a good question. I thought at one point. He toured with Bobby Rydell gene. And I know well we saw yes. We did Bobby Rydell and Frankie Avalon and Fabian. I thought had soared some sort of a reunion tour as recently as five six years ago. it doesn't say what he's doing. Okay I'm not sure touring anymore. But this was his first big hit reached number one the talks in nineteen nineteen nineteen fifty nine written by. I don't know this dude duck poems and mort Shuman Y- dot Com is apparently Fabian manager said how needed write me a song own and so the manager was a guy named Bob. Marcucci this is the story of Bob Marcucci and it than the actor who played him passed away sometime. Back I've forgotten his name. It's not Roy Scheider but it's something sort of like my Scheider in any case in any case Let me talk for while I. I've got to tell you the hotel story so I went to. I went to the Super Bowl I went to the Super Bowl because it was in south Florida I have friends in south Florida. I have some relatives in south Florida and and I saw them saw them took them to dinner one night and what I thought was a very bad ed restaurant but I took the most recommended to me was close to the hotel And I went because I knew that I could play some golf and I wanted to play golf because it's the middle of the winter and I just thought that would that would be refund. Do I had an invitation from the Great Jack Vardaman to play. Its seminal ended up playing not only would the Greg Jack Vardaman but with the Great Jimmy Dunn and when we were done John on the range on the putting green the Great Sam rees was there so all of the three and Michael knows this. Well Michael knows that. I Adore these three people which is why calm the grates and I saw them all. And it made me extremely happy. It made me happy the night before. We played seminal to go to the reef grill which is A fresh fish fish restaurant In Juno Beach where if you are wearing an actual shirt that you're overdressed. I mean the t shirt you can wear. And but it's the food is great and and Vitamin knows the owner. So well and he'd Sorolla time so he was able to get us a table for seven and we could walk in and as Michael knows does you don't walk in like you put you in another restaurant at the other side of the mall to Small Little Mall and you wait there for hours before you get into the Reef Brillon because Jack Vardaman we got in and had a wonderful and a place he might run into. PJ Tour player as readily as a CEO. I ran into Rob Rob Manfred and talked to him for a little little bit. You know the President the Commissioner Baseball. Yeah was yes. It's that it's that kind of place so I wanted to go. I wanted to play Indian Creek. I got to play Indian creek with Tom. Baltimore or WHO's a member. I was very very thrilled to that will be an I well. We'll von Yes. Mike did not play that that day or did eighty play that day. I remember Tom Baltimore Al.. I know Mike didn't play because his foot hurt. But we played seminole with Mike with Jimmy. Dan Would Jack Vardaman with Matt Kelleher and me. When around five and and played really the only rule at seminole is play fast? There's a sign that says if you're good play quickly if you're not good play more quickly the minute Mister Dunne will run you off the court well so so this was great. It was absolutely great and I played Emerald Dunes twice With socialite and I really had a good time and that was really why went and the rest of it working at the Super Bowl. I know what that is. I've done that a number of times. I also wanted to go to dinner with Levitan. I took laboratory Kelleher and Lebatardshow Valerie. Dinner so that very early in the week. Monday's that was really really nice to do all these things the rest of it. I'm familiar with I know how it works folks Miami beach was extraordinarily crowded. As you knew it would be And so it's hard to get to the places where we were actually filming the show but they weren't that far away and that is warrant that far away so the only question then becomes. Where am I gonNA stay? What is the hotel? Where am I going to stay? Well the hotel is called all the National Hotel it was built in nineteen thirty nine it it. It's logo has nineteen thirty nine so that makes it eighty years old at some point point My Wife said to me. I think I came to this hotel when I was a kid with my parents I said are you sure she said I think so. I don't know him said okay. And yet the two great hotels in Miami Beach of my youth and these are the hotels of the youth of a child child of Jewish parentage in New York City the hotels are the fountain blue in the Eden. Roc You went to the fountain blue the you made it. Okay Okay the Fountain Blue and the Eden Roc the executives of ESPN state at the Eden. Roc I asked to stay at the Rock and I was told there was no room. No you go go over there. Go to the national. I get to the national and I had heard I hadn't heard great things about the Nash. I'd heard what Dan Le Batard says. You're not going to like it. You're just you. You're not going to like it. Was this after. You forced him to take pictures of the lobby where he volunteered. He said I'm walk away. I will take pictures for you. I'll go into a room and he did all these things. I still have them on my phone and he said I just he said it's okay but I don't think you're going to like it so I did what I do. which is I endeavoured to get out before I even got there at all? I endeavored to get out of the hotel and I got a list of a whole bunch of hotels and I was told in no uncertain terms. No you can't stay at any of those hotels because super bowl week they are. You know they're four times what they normally are. This is of course. This is the same story story as yes. You can have a car service. But it's two thousand eight hundred so I get I get to the hotel and and I check into the hotel and they say we have a room with an ocean view now laboratory told me the rooms with the ocean views. They don't have any balconies Kinney's Salt Lake a cruise ship. They don't have anything like that. You just get to look at the ocean so they send me. They give me a room on the third floor and it has an ocean view. I I go into the room. The room has two beds. There is if you want to turn around in the bathroom you need to lose about fifteen thousand walk straight in you can walk straight out which in turn around in the bathroom and there's no place on the floor for me to do anything from my back I cannot. There's not enough room with two beds. There's not enough room to get on the ground. I can't get on the ground and I don't really have an ocean view because because it's blocked by another wing of the hotel it's blocked. I have a theoretical ocean view. That's the county. I don't have a practical. Should you so go go downstairs. Say you know Gee I don't have an ocean view. Could you change my room. Nee move me from the third floor two I think the ninth floor. It's the exact same room on the ninth floor. I have ocean view but I can't get on the ground. That's got two beds. I don't need to bed some one personal need to bet So I make a call to someone at ESPN. All it's you know can i. Is there any chance I can get something else and they say stay right there. Don't worry about a thing within. I Dunno five minutes people. Come to my room. Start loading my stuff. They're gonNA move me. They're gonNA move me. They moved me one door left. One door left now. This has now this has one. It's small again. It has an ocean in view. It has One dead and I can get down on the ground at Camp Roll around. That can't really. I can just lay down as if if I'm in a coffin. It's you know I say to myself. You know what this is the way it's going to be. This is the way it's going to be so don't worry about it I stay. Hey there one night and then I tried to jump out the window cranks A guy who works for ESPN named Seth Markman who who was in charge of their football He says you know. I think I can get you into the Cabana Wing. Now that is the wing that the first room was was was blocked by and these things looked pretty nice. Mean they have Little terraces you can't see the ocean. They face the pool. It's the oddest pool. Oh it's like a hundred and twenty feet long and ten feet wide and it's completely shaded by big palm trees. I didn't NC. I saw one person there a week. I saw one person in the pool. One person and there was another pool. 'cause the need to understand that when you walk out the back you're you're you're on the beach. I mean that that's what you're selling in Miami beach access to the beach so a lot of I'd never went out there. But what was the point in that but you know others others did that but so anyway so says I think I can get you in the Po- Oh I forgot one thing There was a suite in the hotel and I was told the sweet you you can have the sweet But it's an extra thousand dollars a day. Would you like to pay that. And I said No. I'm GonNA pass on that. No no thank you. But Seth Markman got me into the Cabana area for the exact same price. You know that that my room was and it was larger and nicer. It was very nice I did find out that a lot of people who were allegedly talent. Were already in there but I got there but I got there through the wonder of Seth Markman the only thing wrong and I stayed there and was fine. It was fine so I that's my fourth room in less than twenty four hours and I'm grateful to to to Seth To get this the only thing wrong with the room and I've never seen this before all the floors were tile. ooh there was was no carpet on the floor so now while I can get down on the floor. It's tile. It's so hard you know it's really so oh and this was great. They brought up though the director of PR brought up a yoga mat out greatest. So I was able to get on a mat and do all these. These things and I was wonderfully happy for all of all of that but I was dead. You know at the beginning I was bad and then I got you know I got this and I was very grateful and I love the hotel itself. The staff on the hotel tremendous Indus. They were great the bartenders the servers. The if you needed something I had a guy. Walk me across the street to a restaurant to get me into to the restaurant. One of the Bellman. That's great and by the way the restaurants pretty good Italian restaurant called doce was pretty good and he. He walked across the street to get me me. A you know a room at the restaurant they were. I have no complaints whatsoever except for the fact that when I got there I just I I felt like I was in a cage. Okay practical question because when I get year old hotel and and and so I asked about this. I asked about how smaller was and they said it's an art deco hotel to keep. Apparently I was told this by workers at the hotel to keep the designation as an Art Deco Hotel which is important portent in Miami beach while you can improve the outsides. You cannot change the room totally believe that you cannot build the rooms out in other words two rooms into one really think just the opposite. I would think you'd have to preserve the outset could reconfigure the inside. That's exactly what I thought and yet I was told the opposite which make no sense to me. And that's an art deco mean some. It means something my but that has something to do with the pool to Michael. Now we're looking at pictures of it. That Art Deco Looking Young But it's also there's no sun like they've got you know giant ferns all around and I mean I. I'm what I'm saying is I enjoyed it thoroughly. I took me took. God took a couple of changes to get there but I the staff was great. They would disgrace no matter what you asked for. They endeavored to do it. Like for example. The the first morning I was there I get up early first morning. I was here. There was no coffee. There's no coffee lobby and they said well we don't open until seven. Oh the thirty. We don't open until seven and I look and I go. I'm like what my hat. And so they say. Well what would you like and they got it and got it every every morning by the third morning here he adds a third morning. Could little things changed third or fourth morning. Two things changed exit. One is they got up. You know they were ready early for anybody who wanted something early..

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