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Thirteen ten Kfi K.. Well looks like the GOP won't be coming together in Jacksonville this as president trump announced yesterday. That he is. Cancelling the Republican National Convention events that were scheduled to take place a next month in Jacksonville Florida. Citing the rising number of covert nineteen cases in the states six, fifty, seven, now thirteen ten K of K, a thirteen ten Kfi K.. A., DOT COM northern Colorado's voice morning, so gail, live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. He went on to say the president did the timing for this event is not right. It's Joust, not really. Making the announcement during a press briefing at the White House yesterday to have a big convention. It's just not the right time adding there is nothing more important. In our country than keeping our people safe you had Republican. Committee chair Ronna mcdaniels. Supported the president's announcement calling it very difficult. Decision Bill. Stepien trump's reelection campaign manager said in a statement leading by example president trump has put the health and safety of the American people first with his decision on the Jacksonville Convention. And the Republican Party of Florida tweeted that trump made a selfless a selfless decision. By cancelling the Florida component of the GOP convention now the RNC he just last month chose Jacksonville to host major portions of the convention this after well largely abandoning the city of Charlotte North Carolina over disagreements on corona virus related crowd restriction. The president said and Republican officials were angered this after governor. Roy Cooper of North Carolina Democrat, said that because of the pandemic he wasn't prepared to guarantee the RNC of full fledged convention with an arena, packed full of party, officials, delegates and activists as desired by trump while the Jacksonville portion of the convention been canceled. Trump said the delegates will still meet in north. Carolina, and that he will give an address a when he accepts. The party nomination. Meanwhile, the Democrats have also dramatically downscaled their convention as well. The DNC which was are the democratic. National Convention was pushed back a month and scheduled to start on August, seventeenth still being held in Milwaukee. Thirteen ten K. F. K.. A. Loveland Greeley for Collins Longmont. It's seven o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage..

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