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It's not like there. Going to the space station. You know, exactly, but still pretty cool. Yeah, it is. 7 37 here on Colorado's morning news not going to space but heading up to the skies and Jeff Cox and we find Dave Hunter where you're hovering. Well, we're headed to Boulder right now. Party. We've got a bad accident with a cement truck. It is closed northbound lanes of Foothills Parkway all the way from baseline to Arapahoe. We're not quite two up Boulder yet. But I want to mention also what that may lay one of two that was going on in east down by 70 this morning. Fortunately, they cleared the first wreck He's found by 70 approaching Havana. Better speeds there indeed, but This other wreck is still working. We flew that in the K way jet copter and find a found a couple of people crashed into each other and accordion style in the left lane eastbound. I 70 at Colorado that has you backed up solid. I mean, it's single digit speeds at best. All the way back to Pecos coming in from Brighton, Not an accident. In this stretch. You would think so. Based on the slow speeds, But I 76 West downloaded up from 88th Avenue all the way down to 70. The commerce City drive. Not too bad south ballets of 2 to 5 from before Parker down to Yosemite are loaded up and from the Betfred sports traffic copter. We just flew over a bad accident in the west, part of the Metro area off highway. This is a thin Sheridan. We've got a lot of vehicles busted up in somebody's fence right in their front yard busted up to but again, we're headed to Boulder regarding this bad cement truck accident will report more to shortly. This report is sponsored by the National Flood Insurance Program. Every year wildfire experience of education will leave many Colorado residents at risk for dangerous mud floods. But.

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