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Panthers hockey. Network by hard lifestyle. We'll come back for the second intermission. After one period of play the Panthers productions four-goal after two periods of play the two teams combined for four goals to peace between the Panthers and the Canucks Kevin Rogers with you. It's time for after forty. I mean tapper forty minutes, we look back at the first forty minutes with James and Oliver Florida Panthers dot com, and before we get to the highlights, obviously Jameson a big night. Roberta Luongo honored before the game too bad that he's in a suit and he's not in uniform. But at least that beginning was pretty special for him. You're you're exactly right. I mean, we we we did get to celebrate last season two thousand game there in the playoff push. He said, no, thanks. I'm focused on the games. We'll do this next year. Here we are. Now, you know, six months later. Finally, celebrate over long ago guy that you know, is worthy of everything we say about everything we give them all the gifts. He got down there. The golden stick from Dell talent all this stuff from his teammates. It's great to see. And like you said that he's in a suit. I mean, he'd probably give it all back you probably get back a couple hundred game just be playing, right? Now what helped the Panthers in this playoff season? So he should be back. You know, he's a two to four weeks. It looks like it's going to be more on the four weeks out of that. So the Panthers gotta find a way to survive without him for a little bit. But just in terms of the grand scheme of things for longer to me is is mister panther. I think he's the greatest player mantha panther franchise history. I think he's gonna be the first player number retired. And it's just such a good moment. Any any with the Panthers fan day should be happy because he's really is the lifeblood was organization. So no scoring the first to go right.

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