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Gosh maybe like a quarter of century ago and you they take you planet hollywood still exists besides vegas i don't think so i don't think there's many of them and planet hollywood was an offspring of the hardrock cafe right hardrock was the part of that it was the movie actor version of the right rocks it was owned by stallone schwartzenegger and dan dam and i believe a couple other demi moore people bruce willis hard rock being like early nineties late eighties new york like a cool new place to go to and then have six months when we're kids like six months there's a long time there's this place it's been around wherever is actually funny we've never had three even though i grew up in long island so we actually grew up with the closest the most theme restaurants in proximity to where we live right do you guys remember because they were jekyll and hyde birthday parties jecklin set foot in jack laws you'd have you been in it was great man eight stories each one was like the mummy story the frank remember and it was enough to run it back for you i like monster he had five bar mitzvahs there every time i was like i still don't feel like a man guys it's on this cohen if i like through you a surprise burr mitzvah kind of just like it's a party like surprise party but surprised burr mitzvah would you be able to do the reading no no would you because here it is.

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