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Of the downside on the NASDAQ expecting to make up just a fraction of that in today's session We do have respite then from treasuries also a little respite from what's going on in commodity markets and oil prices oil prices just a little bit weaker We touched $80 a barrel Around this time yesterday in fact today we've just edged back away from those levels 77 79 is the Brent price Caroline Right let's go to our top stories now because the panic buying of fuel is showing early signs of easing here in the UK according to the government and industry figures Bloomberg's Charles cable has the details now The petrol retailers association said the crisis is easing and that fewer stations are out of fuel Boris Johnson urged people to start buying few normally as he pushed back against industry demands to issue more visas to foreign truckers He said he doesn't think people want to uncontrolled immigration again saying that it was leading to a low wage low skill approach without enough investment in people or equipment The government tried to shift the blame for the crisis away from Brexit Instead attributing it to a surge in demand from the pandemic and a misleading account of events that got leaked in London Charles cape or Greenberg day break Europe And now debt ceiling jitters Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen have warned a U.S. debt default would be catastrophic Here's the treasury secretary speaking to the Senate banking committee It is imperative that Congress addressed the debt limit If not our current estimate is the treasury will likely exhaust its extraordinary measures by October 18th America would default for the first time in history Congress has hit an impasse in the efforts to raise the U.S. debt ceiling and avoid a government shutdown Senate Democrats want to vote today on a stopgap funding bill without a debt limit included but Republicans earlier blocked them from advancing a stand-alone debt ceiling increase Now U.S. senator Elizabeth Warren says that she won't support your own power for a second term as fed chair labeling him dangerous over his record on banking regulation She is the highest profile Democrat with a say on power's confirmation to come out against him Paul does have bipartisan Senate support and is likely to be confirmed again if President Biden picks him after his term expires in February So those are our top stories for you this morning Let's get to one of our big interviews Keir Starmer makes his key speech to the labor conference in Brighton today the party is vowing to return bobbies to the beat and hire more special constables in a bid to crack down on what it calls an epidemic of antisocial behavior in Britain but does that actually mean more police on the ground and a pay rise on Bloomberg Westminster yesterday Sarah Jones the labor MP for croydon central and also the shadow minister for policing and fire service spoke to Bloomberg's you and ports about labor's plans to get tough on crime should it get to power You had asked about whether labor would go beyond Boris Johnson's pledge at the last general election to add 20,000 new police officers So we will say near the election exactly what the number is right We're not saying that now But absolutely definitely But what we are saying is we would spend that 280 million pounds better on antisocial behavior that the government wants to spend on a year And we are saying we also want to recruit more special comfortable so we talk about special comfortable today because they're really important And we want to see 5000 extra special comfortable on our streets helping helping the police officers tackle crime But I think if you want to know what our policies will be in the next manifesto look at our recording government because we tackled crime We massively increase the number of police officers and crimes failed dramatically and that is the kind of record that would want to be repeating So more volunteer police officers but you're not pledging any more police at the moment Today we're pledging to spend that money that would have been spent on the yacht to bring people into the right places in the communities that are police officers The problem that the police have at the moment is not enough numbers is also that they spend a lot of their time doing things that are the result of cuts in other services So they'll be dealing with drug addiction or alcohol addiction mental health problems so they'll be taking people to hospital because the ambulance hasn't come or they'll be taking they'll be supporting children who are vulnerable They do all kinds of brilliant work that really shouldn't be what they're doing So you know some of this is about trying to make sure they're doing the things they should be doing And some of it is about making sure we've got the right numbers and today we're saying anti social behavior Huge issue governments fail to tackle it Let's spend that money on that instead And let's recruit 5000 special constables and nearer the election will be clear about exactly what the fiscal situation is at the time Extra police can recruit but it's police officers and it please staff We must not forget about police staff So the people who do a lot of the work a lot of the forensic work for example and we have offices now having to fill those roles because the police staff have been cut as well as officers And the police are demoralized I mean they've had to pay for you They've got no confidence in British Patel which is an extraordinary thing for the police federation to say And they feel that they've been let down by this government and we're expecting them to after all of COVID and all of their things they've done going above and beyond As well So you give the police a pay at a pay rise We think well if you look at if you look at emergency services across the board the fire service for example has got 1.5% pay rise There should have been something for policing when we would push for that But I think we need to support our police officers We also need to focus on the fact that the public don't feel safe we need to deal with that And the government needs to deal with that And the middle of this fuel crisis running around trying to deal with things that she's dealt with ages ago they've forgotten that there are people out there who are scared to standing at bus stop to be scared going out at night when it's dark who's got you know neighbors from hell we need to deal with those issues So that was Sarah Jones the labor MP for croydon's central talking about policing will have much more on British politics on Bloomberg Westminster today You and I will be speaking to Jonathan Reynolds who is the labor MP for state leaders and hide and also the shadow sector for work and pensions Plus our opinion columnist Therese Rafa We'll join us as she always does on a Wednesday Catch that live 12 noon or download the podcast later on Anna That push.

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