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Like, for instance, there's a company called Shipu which seeing some pretty eye-popping numbers on their growth week over week double digit growth of basically in in short, they help ecommerce companies manage their shipping and returns, reverse logistics, processes and. What is going on here? And we kind of through that lens realized, you know, the platform of shopper fi and the whole market for midmarket ecommerce players and the whole lack of infrastructure for them, and it was very eye-opening process and through that realized while there's like a whole like going back to the help product. It leaves the port in that whole thing with like our investment inflex poured which earlier you're talking about like, you guys seem to have a bias for four or preference for like crazy, you know, sounding things, and I was like well actually be like boring things to flex port until later on was really boring, you know, of a sounding company, but that's cool. And Ryan has acknowledged that as well. Like, it's that their whole thing is like Toronto, make logistics sexy rate and exciting. So they're literally just in chart software that helps move stuff around import data, plus, you know, freight, forwarding logistics, air ocean. And this goes all the way, I mean, like embarked trucks, for example, where we were a believe their first or one of their first investors at the time like when? It was sort of what was very popular maybe like five years ago. It was about like self driving trucks. Right and sorry self-driving cars, I should say. But what's interesting about self driving trucks is the bulk of the trip in the value of the trip happens on a pretty linear route like the freeways highways on pretty predictable patterns like highway traffic is a lot easier to navigate than city traffic in a strange way. There was all this focus on the hardest. Possible problem at the earliest stages of technology when in fact, the lower hanging fruit with like a very real tangible value there in I mean, even societally the trucking industry is one of the number one job in the US. Right. Yeah. Like it. It's one of the most interest jobs. Also is what I was gonna say it the fatality rate is actually like really high. And so from Seidel standpoint, there's something to be said for like, there are certain jobs that humans are currently executing that, you know, maybe they shouldn't be announcing. I'm not I'm not saying there's not a room for very skilled truck drivers to continue doing their thing. In fact, with embark, it's enable. The focus on that skill set. So once the truck reaches the city, a human driver takes over because technology is absolutely not there today to enable that drive eighteen Wheeler on a city. Right. So that's that's a human job currently in even riffing off of that idea of like boring sounding, but actually like really great companies on gecko, robotics is another one that comes to mind where people may not realize this. But like the power that lights are lights and Howard's our gadgets and stuff that comes from our plants, obviously and inside of every power plant that like say is like a gas or coal power plant, yours boilers that once a year have to be shut down and people put up scaffolding and climb them and inspect the walls by hand. And this is both very expensive and very dangerous again people die every year from doing that and company was like, hey, we're gonna make like little robots that climb the walls of his thing. So people don't have to like setup multi-storey scaffolding and risk their lives. And so we don't have to like literally shut down the entire power plant for like a week. To do this inspections. And so. You know, I these are boring seeming, but actually very exciting opportunities as well. So talk a little bit about another category. That I found interesting was chipping electric design so with chip and electronic design. It's funny because I I keep referencing pendulum shifting that is certainly been like this pendulum swinging. That's happened in in that field. It's well, and so my personal lens into this came actually as a consequence of being very close to some of the cutting edge blockchain compute initiatives that have been happening..

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