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If Instagram looks bad on your phone today. At least you're looking at it on a nice new phone macrumors says it's received multiple reports that Instagram has lost support for iphone ten are an iphone ten as max screen resolutions and its latest updates. It is if someone has zoomed in on both the pictures and the user interface leading users to complain about blown out images fuzzy taxed abnormal spacing, a by cons and other graphical elements. According to the report what's weird as the problem's, not affecting iphone tan, nor phone tennis for people at is affecting macrumors suggests waiting it out, quoting the piece, this is almost certainly an accident on Instagram part. So it's likely to be fixed in the next update. Iphone Tanner, antennas, max users who are experiencing the issue or advised to hold tight that anyone who has an updated version seventy five dot zero should probably wait until the next version is released. One imagines that'll happen any minute now. Good news planet, you'll soon be able to give the gift of Smurfs berries. I download bog says apple has made a pretty big change to its apps store review guidelines regarding gifting while consumers have been able to gift books music, movies, apps, and so on the change. Now, let's people gift in AFC purchases. Until this change. The says that was forbidden the peace as apple telling developers, asthma mayonnaise, gifting of items that are eligible for in app. Purchase to others. Such gives may only be refunded to the original purchaser. And may not be exchanged while a lot of headlines said the door was now open the doors really just kinda sign on it. That says opening soon the Cording to download blog in purchase gifting isn't nailed yet. Apple will likely have to add some new you I elements to the app store. But it's clearly on the way. And finally today news of another future feature with no specific date cult amok has Amazon saying that apple music will make its way the third party. Alexa, speakers a, you know sometime. Apple music picked up the ability to play natively through Amazon echo devices earlier this week while they're powered by Alexa, and with Alexa, powering other speakers cult MAC figured apple music would play on those other speakers as well. Actually, I don't know whether they figured that. That would be the case the site. Does say it was a disappointing setback. The peace has mash Ables. Raymond Wong saying Amazon has confirmed to him that apple music will becoming to other Alexa, nibbled devices in the future. However with no timeframe offered how far in the future remains a mystery. Before we part ways, I really want to encourage you to check out this week's edition of the checklist by secure MAC, August drama to nNcholas rob and nNcholas Tachi each picked out their favorite hacker movie for our hacky holidays episode did yours make the cut and what do three and goodfellas have in common. This is a fun episode. I do hope you'll check it out the checklist by secure

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