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Is that not a lot of movies are coming out so there are so most movie theaters closed. At the beginning of the summer blockbuster season so nowadays the summer blockbuster season starts at about March. It continuously gets pushed back. It definitely makes its. Biggest claims in May and June, but there are some early blockbusters that gets shown in March most notably. This year were was Milan. And that got pushed back, so any film that was going to open in theaters has been pushed back. A lot of them were added to streaming services, trolls, world tour scuba like I said earlier in this episode. But a lot of the movies that had been pushed back are being pushed back even further to later this year or even twenty twenty one. So a lot of these movies are opening up, but they don't necessarily have anything to show the. Film that I can find July twenty four th, and that is Milan. Christopher newest outing tenant has also been pushed back. It had been pushed back from mid July to July thirty first, and it is now at August twelfth, so there is no certainty as to win. That is getting released. I know that Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker who probably won't want his film streaming services, because while streaming services are effective in giving a wider audience, the film there are a lot of movies that are made for the theaters and made for a larger spectacle. Bigger visuals larger than life sound, and so there are a lot of films and filmmakers that are reluctant to go straight to streaming. Seeing the success though of trolls, world tour, making around one hundred million dollars at home. It's hard to know what the future of movie theaters look like. There's definitely going to be an added element of more films coming to streaming services, knowing that they can make that money, or at least coming to rent. I think there is the element of. Quarantine that there weren't a lot of new movies coming out, so that might have added to the success of trolls world tour, but that is obviously speculative hard to know. But movie theaters are definitely not going away at least not soon as far as I can tell with them opening backup. It's hard to know how long they'll stay open. How long they'll stay at thirty percent capacity. What movies will be coming out then, but I would like to do within the next couple of weeks. A segment on what we can look forward to as far as films go for the rest of the year and major wide releases. So. That's a lot of the movie news. Those are some of the movie announcements. Hope that you enjoyed this segment. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you do intend on going to the movies, make sure that you are staying safe in wearing a mask. Keeping your distance. I'm going to try my best to go see some of those movies. I'm still trying my best. Stay safe and stay inside but I. do know that I want to see some of those movies that I want to review those movies for you, so I will be. At some of these theaters reopenings. But staying safe and wearing a mask, so please be safe. Be Kind I hope that you enjoyed this episode..

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