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Their own KCBS is Megan goals reports, UC Berkeley. Researchers found that overall the bay area is more segregated than it was in nineteen seventy researcher. At the Haas institute for a fair and inclusive society at UC Berkeley have created a new interactive map that lets you explore segregated in the bay area over the last several decades. Basically, all of the census tracts are low segregation in nineteen seventy. But if you move the slider two thousand ten it's almost all high or moderate, Steven Mnuchin is director of the institute and co author on this report. He says the only two counties to be doing slightly better or ala MEDA in San Francisco, and it's hard to come up with an answer as to why this is happening. He says because shirt demographics can change. But it's not about who lives here, but where they live, take Oakland. For example, it is one of the most diverse cities in the whole country, but it's also a city that has clearly definable racial neighborhoods. So it's a very segregated city and segregation manifest in the schools and the problems this caused extend beyond education. He says, if I'm like, we will be able to solve the student achievement gap that will be able to. Work on parent, mortality, infant mortality solve police brutality, or mass incarceration and injustice in the criminal Justice system. Because men Indian says racial segregation has always been at the root of racial inequality, making gold speak. KCBI new study suggests it colon cancer is on the rise in younger people, especially here in the western United States. Researchers with the American Cancer Society, find the number of people under fifty with disease has been growing every year. So unclear why more people in the west are impacted. We advise patients to exercise advise patients to avoid eating too much red meat and processed food. But the team has to be some other factor. Maybe just don't know about that. His gastrointestinal research, chief doctor, Anton, Bill. Check with John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa, Monica, who says he has seen more people under fifty recently with colon cancer. The American Cancer Society recently lowered the age to start colon cancer screening from fifty to forty five KCBS. News time eight twelve..

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