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Zach yelp show so i asked you which coach has the most to gain here in the elite eight down to the final four to the championship game so let's just roll through the coaches real quickly now bruce weber has been a runnerup before that eleanor team that lost to unc he's at kansas state now but he's done to get to this point no one would have thought a nine seed would be forty minutes away from going to a final four so if you went championship finally gets championship it's unbelievable but you know i don't think he has the most to gain out of these coaches puerto moser mike i said most people don't know who this guy was a few weeks ago now he's one of the talks are the ncaa tournament along with sister jean look at florida state once again similar kansas state a nine seed leonard hamilton has done more than enough tone to earn all these bonuses that he has been receiving so it's not leonard hamilton you look at texas tech crispier brake job getting them there the most to gain here coach k has won enough already hall of fame coach has five championships if he gets another just adds onto his legacy so that leaves three coaches left who has the most again you got kansas with bill self villanova jay wright and you got michigan john beland i'm going to narrow this down to nova michigan right and beeline because people already put john people already put bill self on that pedestal they do how fame coach the big twelve fourteen times third champion third final four begets it'd be second championship so a second championship no doubt about it but you special category but people ardy revere and love and adore bill self people talking about break college coaches people right away mention is o chefs ski roy williams calipari and bill self some cope coaches that people mentioned so comes down to nova and michigan with be line and right to answer this question jay wright was in that category for so many years really good coach can't win a championship and you won't call him a great coach until he.

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